[KIR]Stuffed Vanilla Heavy Turrets

MOD Desc
A Simple Mod that allows Large and Heavy Turrets such as Autocannon and Uranium Slug Turrets to be stuffed with either stone or metal.
It’s weird though that in the game you make Plasteel Mini-Turrets but not Plasteel Autocannon Turrets?

Now you can make Plasteel Autocannons and Granite Autocannons! All done with a simple Patch!

It’s Semi-balanced, Yes i said Semi-balanced because it depends on how much materials to make Plasteel Autocannons and Slug Turrets…

Cost to build.
Autocannon Turret.

  • 150 – Steel
  • 40 – Plasteel
  • 6 – Components
  • 200 – Metal or Stone Bricks

Uranium Slug Turret.

  • 50 – Steel
  • 30 – Plasteel
  • 60 – Uranium
  • 6 – Components
  • 250 – Metal or Stone Bricks

Turret Hit Points by Material

  • Steel – 450 HP
  • Silver – 315 HP
  • Gold – 270 HP
  • Uranium – 1125 HP
  • Plasteel – 1260 HP
  • Jade – 225 HP
  • Marble – 540 HP
  • Slate – 585 HP
  • Sandstone – 630 HP
  • Limestone – 700 HP
  • Granite – 765 HP

Save Compatability It’s best and safer to start a new game when you have this mod active…

I don’t think it’s safe to add it to a ongoing save however, i would recommend to deconstruct every Autocannon turret and Uranium Slug Turret though this is untested.

When this mod is removed and theres a Plasteel Autocannon Turret in the save without this mod, it would crash or throw a giant ball errors so deconsturct them just to be safe but i can’t guarantee if this would saved your save file…

Mod Compatability Should work fine with mods that modifies the Turrets but not the costList to build them.

Or Mods that add new Stone or Metals, the Autocannon Turrets & Slug Turrets should be buildable with them…

Also this mod renames Uranium Slug Turrets into Heavy Slug Turrets, so No Uranium uranium Slug Turrets because that’s just plain silly…

Credits to Marnador for the Custom font.

One of my favourite games on Steam! Maybe even my most favourite! It is a hardcore colony survival game in a Sci-Fi setting with ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and ‘Prison Architect’ vibes.

The game itself is heavily in depth and addictive enough to keep you playing for hours. With the introduction of literally hundreds of Mods – this game just increases its potential and replayability.

On the first playthrough it is a steep learning curve. Your colonists are far from expendable, but are easily killed by the many dangers the game throws at you. This is not an easy game by any means, but is not especially difficult either.

It can be a roller-coaster of emotions and a great game for storytelling! Your colonists can be family members, old enemies, ex-lovers, siblings of each other and that of other tribes in the game. They can suffer old wounds/scars both mentally and physically that affect their effectiveness to work, move, socialise or fight. They may not be specialist survival experts either… they can be outlaws, accountants, spies, builders, journalists, doctors… all bringing with them different kinds of expertise and each with different skill sets to one another. You will grow attached to your Colony. (With the introduction of a certain Mod, I managed to create a colony of my friends and I included… with the various storytelling AI behaviour in the game it made for a really funny story!)

This game is good on its own… but it is amazing with mods! It is almost as though the entire game is the foundation for modders to add what they like to the game and tweak its systems. Sometimes you find with games that providing a modding community tends to be an excuse to leave the development of the game to the community and release a terrible game. Though that has been a criticism for this game, I believe they have incorporated Mods perfectly.

For the asking price of under £30 I believe it is well worth the money. If you are unsure about the sound of the game… give it a try. I haven’t seen another game quite like it and it has a certain charm about it; there is a reason why the Steam Reviews for this game are *Overwhelmingly Positive*.

I’ve been playing and creating mods for RimWorld for 6 months now, with countless hours spent. Here’s my honest review.

Well worth the money – it’s a game like no other, and it produces some lovely (and sometimes gruesome) stories. It’s obviously inspired by Dwarf Fortress, and shares an art style with Prison Architect, but it doesn’t feel like a ripoff/re-hash.

The good;
– It has a unique feel to it. From the opening guitar riff upon landing to the unique stories that will be told, the game will grip you.
– The game is relatively easy to mod, and everything can be modded. There’s an active and helpful modding community on the official forums
– The developer is active, and engages with the players. He’s got more posts on the official forums than anyone else, and responds to questions both directly asked and posted on the forums and on the subreddit in a timely fashion. He’s also open to discussion and feedback (to an extent, ofcourse).

The bad;
– Actual content in the game is fairly limited. Even though the game’s systems allow for an enormous variety of interesting interactions, the game needs mods to really shine.
– The development team consists of two people. That’s two people to do all the programming, but also community management, marketing, and so forth. Things aren’t always done as fast as one might hope. Nonetheless, the game has seen regular updates – with the exception of a single planned 6 month hiatus.
– It’s a small scale colony simulator. Development is focused on the narrative. That means that the focus is often more on creating an interesting story than on optimizing the game for larger ‘management game’ like colonies. While it’s entirely possible to get massive (25+ colonist) colonies, at some point your colony will die an FPS death. Fancy hardware won’t help much, since the CPU is the bottleneck, and the game is for all intents and purposes single threaded.
– While the UI is better than, say, Dwar Fortress (this game actually has a UI, so that wasn’t difficult), it’s not exactly pretty. Worse, it’s often quite cumbersome to work with. (This is where many of my mods come in).

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