Sort colonist bar

MOD Desc
Easily sort your colonists.

It has been a long time wish of mine to implement this since KF’s colonist bar ate up too much performance and I really wanted a way to find colonists in the bar, easily.

Maybe I’ll support this and update, maybe not. Also there is no translation option available and I don’t intend to implement that anytime soon. So no guarantees or promises but for now, enjoy!

Suggestions are still welcome as I may decide to implement them.

I think it’s best used with something like ‘Color coded mood bars’

Possibly this mod is incompatible with:
– Large Faction Bases

Right click on any colonist in the top bar to open the menu.
It is still possible to do the custom sorting, but be sure to select the MANUAL sorting option first.

The first 3 options (Combat, Trade and FirstAid) are my own prefered setups.
Combat sorts by ranged, then by melee for brawlers.
Trade sorts by trade price improvement
FirstAid sorts by medical mending speed, really useful when pawns are down.
The rest are the normal stats.

Available here:

Killface for his ColonistBar_KF which inspired me to make this mod.
Pardeike for 0Harmony
Brrainz and his Reverse Commands mods for how to make a (simple) drop down menu
Giant space hamster and his Moody mod for inspiration of options

RimWorld is nostalgic of old, great, later 90’s-early 2000’s village simulation games. It has great touches of many genre’s, which shows the depth of knowledge the developer has of games. The developer, however small, is smart and deserves the credit for making a game as genuine and knowledgeable to core, enjoyable, gameplay mechanics. I personally give this game 9/10, on my scale, if it had better graphics, less repetitive and less frustrating raids/mood mechanics, maybe it would be perfect, and perfectly easier to beat for the higher difficulties.

Honestly struggle a lot on the higher difficulties, but that’s another thing that makes this game special. The randomness, the struggles, the attachments and efforts you make to protect your fort and your people, is amazing and a feeling you don’t often get in most games. Buy the game, play it, support smart devlopers, who knows how to build a smart/great game. I sometimes wish the game’s goal wasn’t to leave RimWorld, but to stay. That’s how much I enjoyed my time with it.

This is a great strategy and base building game that has so much to offer. The core game is great, but the mod community makes the game even better. I have been using mods to create massive bases and have raids against dozens of raiders and it is a blast. I also have a barebones game where I am struggling with few resources on hand. There is a lot going on this game and the documentation is alright, but I learned a lot by trial and error and watching youtube videos. The events in the game like diseases and toxic fallouts keep you on your toes. It can be really intense as you struggle to keep everything in working order. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone who enjoys base building games. I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like as the development team seems to really know what they are doing. I would be shocked if they fell into the rut that many game developers do where the alpha is good but they make changes that seem to make no sense and upset the players. 9/10 would harvest organs of prisoners again

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