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MOD Desc
Spruce up your colonists’ bedrooms with a selection of different colours for all sizes of bed.

● Beds of all sizes now have red, yellow, green, blue, and purple variants
● Beds now require an amount of cloth to build – the bigger or grander the bed, the more cloth is needed
● Double and royal beds added in this mod are compatible with Royalty NPC bedroom requirements

Note: The way RimWorld handles recolouring prisoner or hospital beds means that it isn’t possible for these added beds to recolour in the same way (i.e. blue for hospital and brown for prisoners). I therefore made a choice not to support recolouring to avoid inconsistent visual design.

Don’t enable this mod and T-MoreBedsVanilla together! Just pick one.

Save & Mod Compatibility MoreBedsCloth should be safe to use with all existing vanilla saves. It includes integrated compatibility for dressers and other bedroom furniture added by these mods:

More Furniture [1.0]
More Furniture [1.1]
Vanilla Furniture Expanded
Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Spacer Module

It patches the Core definitions for Bed, DoubleBed, and RoyalBed in order to change their graphics. This should be a harmless change that won’t affect compatibility with other mods.

Translations Thanks to CANALETA for their translation to Latin American Spanish which you can find here:

More Information T’s Mods are designed to be used with the most recent RimWorld stable version unless otherwise stated in the mod title – old versions are archived on the RimWorld Nexus.[www.nexusmods.com]

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For more information on all of my mods including prerelease versions, credits, and license information, please check the T’s Mods thread on the Ludeon forums.[ludeon.com]

Excellent game idea, albeit with some heavy bias toward a very restricted style of play on the developer’s part. Thankfully, mods redeem this limitation of scope and allow full customisation of one’s play experience, turning a somewhat hamstrung game into an infinitely replayable colony management sim with almost any kind of content one can conceive of. Tynan’s version of Rimworld works for some, but for many – most, in my opinion – the developers of the various mods have made the game the fun and rewarding experience it deserves to be.

I recommend that anyone who plays starts with the base game, gets the knack of it, and then expands into modded content. If you like the base game, you shouldn’t rob yourself of that experience by diving straight into mods. Once the game starts to lose its flavour, start modding. At over a thousand hours of play, I still enjoy coming back to Rimworld from time to time to play for a while. This is a game that’s worth everything you pay for it and more – a rare gem among the myriad early access projects on Steam, and one of very few that’s actually passed into open release that qualifies as a finished game.

This is the ultimate colony survival game. The AI story teller is awesome.. You will die.. you will die again.. but you will keep trying. After more than 150 hours, I’m still finding ‘wow’ moments.

This is already more polished than many ‘AAA’ games released by major developers, and it’s still in Early Access.

No.. it does NOT have multiplayer.. learn to play a game without a headset and mic on.. being alone sometimes is part of life.. especially if you’ve just crashed on an alien world, and you’re naked, and cold, and hungry and suddenly realize that you’re incapable of violence that moment when you get raided by some Tribal with wooden club… *twitch* *twitch*

OH.. and dev has said he will RAISE THE PRICE on version 1.0 which will be released ‘soonish’. If you’re on the fence about getting this game, just do it.. do it now.

stop reading..


why are you still here?

Jeebus.. I just clapped for the new trailer..

you bought the game already.. right?

why not? ’cause you’re a SLACKER?!?

Buy it..



the best game i’ve ever played

edit: i might make a comprehensive review:

tl;dr really great 2d comprehensive procedural visual stories that make you feel

this game is a masterpiece. it’s very optimized lagwise, and incredibly comprehensive in terms of the amount of stuff packed into this tiny package. i’ve been having fun since i started.

the sheer quantity (and quality) of everything in this game is staggering. there’s research, hunting, biomes, construction, mining, crafting, agriculture, different cultures, surgery, personalities, armor, advancement, duels, raids, fights… i could go on about just the base game and inadvertently deny steam’s service.

i don’t have any lag at all when playing with even stacks (that’s multiples of 64) of mods. i only have framerate issues when using 175+ mods. in terraria, a game i have over a thousand hours on, the max is about 40, or zero if you consider an unstable 40 fps as lag.

this game, in my opinion, is much, much better than terraria, even for 35 dollars. i adore this game to bits, even without mods.

2/9 no triple bed

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