Colony Manager

MOD Desc
Colony Manager allows you to make colonists do the more tedious parts of managing a colony, making sure you’re never out of vital resources again*.

Requires a new save game.
Adds a worktype, which is stored in the world, which means you need to start a new game after adding/removing this mod.

Production & Import/Export tabs missing.
The Production and Import & Export tabs are still disabled due to a lack of time.

Hunting jobs
– Set a target for meat, and never worry about designating hunting manually again! – Set an area to clear of all predators – keep your home area safe!

Forestry jobs
– Set a target for wood, and never worry about designating lumber manually again! – Automatically clear wind turbine catchment areas to ensure they’re working at maximum efficiency. – Set an area to clear of all vegetation – make sure there’s no possible cover or retreat for any hostiles that dare attack you.

Livestock jobs
– Set a target for animals (for four separate age/sex combinations), and pawns will auto-butcher and/or tame to manage your herd. – Restrict animals to specific areas (for example to separate male/female animals and prevent breeding). – Auto-butcher, tame and train according to your specifications.

– Clear overview of all jobs – Show stock and designated levels for the last day, month and year – Show pawns capable of a job, and set work status – Prioritize jobs, the manager will handle prioritizing jobs on worktables (however standard priority ordering across worktables still applies).

Import & Export
== coming back soon(tm) ==

You can manually set jobs in the new Manager tab on the bottom of the screen. Once set, a colonist with the manager skill and worktype enabled will go to a manager station to figure out the best way to assign designations. Periodically, the manager will check if the assigned designations are still up-to-date, and make changes or delete designations where required. The manager will not touch designations that are set manually, nor will managers create jobs. You’re still the overlord. In theory there is no real limit to the number of manager jobs that can be created.

– Requires a new save. Adds a worktype, which in my tests gave errors on old savegames. If you also have my Work Tab mod, you should be able to add this mod in an ongoing save.

– KapTaiN KaVerN: Minifiable research benches – Moumix3: Research tweaks – duduluu: Chinese translation – MossieuLeBlanc: French translation – Lauri7x3: German translation – Well-sp: Russian translation (update) – Alex TD: Various fixes and improvements – Firty: Portuguese (Brazilian) translation – Suh. Junmin: Korean translation – harrisongarya: Research tab – rw-chaos: German translation (update) – Marcos Villar: Portuguese (Brazilian) translation (update) – CrapoFR: French translation update – maarxx: Various fixes and improvements – rimpy-custom: Fix for Russian translation

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All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[]. Do what you want, but give me credit. All original content (e.g. text, imagery, sounds) in this mod is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license[].

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This is version 4.32.646, for RimWorld 1.2.2723.


I have a pawn set to ‘1’ for managing, there are jobs marked to be updated every 8 hours but my pawn will not use the manager’s desk unless I force her to. Even with managing as the only priority she would rather wander around than to use the desk on her own. I have tried to change the rate at which she should check and it does not matter. I have also tried setting other pawns as managing ‘1’ and they will not use the desk either. The desk is in the home zone and all my pawns are unrestricted so it’s not a matter of making it to the desk. I had this mod working beautifully on other saves. I started a new save, saw this happening and then started a new save. It seems all of my new saves are having this issue. Colony Manager is near the top of my mod list, I have only added ‘Everybody Gets One’ and ‘Where’s My Weapon’ since the last save where Colony Manager was working.I don’t get any errors when I load into the game. I’m at a loss as to why the manager isn’t working 🙁

Does the logic to butcher excess livestock exclude animals that are already marked for slaughter from its count? I’m asking since it seems like sometimes, too many animals end up getting marked for slaughter. I’m wondering if it might be an edge case with pregnancy/butchering restrictions where, for instance, I have 6 female muffaloes with a target count of 5, and disallowed butchering pregnant livestock. Muffalo 1 is the oldest, but is currently pregnant, so muffalo 2 gets marked for slaughter instead. A few hours later, if muffalo 1 gives birth and the Colony Manager runs again before muffalo 2 has been slaughtered, it then marks muffalo 1 for slaughter as well? (Or alternatively, if muffalo 1 is marked for slaughter, gets pregnant, Colony Manager runs before it’s slaughtered, and then muffalo 2 gets marked as well).Also, about the option to restrict animals marked for training to a specific area – does it restore the animal’s original area restriction after it has been trained?

Thanks for the quick heads-up.As I said, the problem is already happening when no jobs are selected at all. It just constantly seems to create a lot of work for the GC while it’s active. Just having your mod active in a fresh game creates an awful amount of stress for the GC and sadly my PC seems to not take it as well I do have a long freeze when the jobs are getting worked on (Meaning a Pawn is at the Desk and e.g. all Trees get selected to cut down), but that is something that is once an ingame day or even less, not something that happens every few seconds in real time. And, that’s also pretty reasonable to happen, as selecting and scanning everything on the map just takes a lot of time. What seems to be creating the constant stress for the GC is your function ‘Manager MapCompTick’ as far as I can tell with my limited ways to analyze and decompile your code.I currently try to create two small GIFs to show you how much more the GC has to work for me.

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