Won hair_men

MOD Desc
37 male hairstyles

-Replace thumbnails
-Add a male hair
-Some hair fix

-Some hair fix
-add 5 male hair

Straight up, I was put off buying this because the graphics don’t look that great.

A few days ago, after a few drinks, I was checking my steam queue, spotted it and thought I’d give it a try – I can always refund, right?

I’ve now played it for 28 hours in the last 3 days… DAMN! This is a really fun game, with depth, but it doesn’t get massively time consuming in the resource management category.

So … my first game – this is the story of Mike, Inumi & Dave & Trixie, who is Dave’s pet dog. They’re the suriving crew who have crashed on a planet and need to survive.

Well, other than Mike & Dave arguing over Inumi, who isn’t interested in either of them, which makes them both sad, it’s going ok. They even have a rifle, which Dave knows how to use.

Inumi is a nudist, so prefers to run around with no clothers on. I’m not sure this is helping the community, but she’s good with plants and has researched how to do stone-cutting.

Mike is a vet. He’s great with animals and medicine. Luckily for Dave, after he gets badly wounded by taking on a pirate raider, people are just another animal, so Mike is able to patch him up well. Oh, except for his right arm, they was shot off during the fight.

Dave? He’s a sherriff. Doesn’t like people or fancy things, just wants to get his job done. Trickier now he only has one arm, but not impossible. He loves his pet dog, Trixie, or rather he did. She got killed in the crossfire with the raider attack. This makes Dave even more sad.

Whilst I was worrying about Dave, I took my eye off what the other two were doing and then realised Trixie’s corpse was gone. Huh, odd. I’m pleasantly surprised that the food situation isn’t as bad as I thought though. Then I spot the ‘Yorky leather’ in the stockpile. Inumi is a bit of a heartless tbh.

But it’s ok, another lifepod has crashed near our survivor’s base and, on investigating it, it contains Dave’s mother! She’s wounded, but Dave carries her back to the base and Mike uses his vet skills to help Dave’s mum recover.

On only a few hours, Dave’s mum is feeling better and gets up from the bed he loaned her. Dave is still fast asleep on the cold floor, having not got a spare bed. Dave’s mum though? She goes and eats the Yorky stew for breakfast and then heads to the stockpile and helps herself to clothes and a gun, then leaves out the front door.

Mike & Inumi are kinda upset, but Dave goes to deal with it. After all, he’s the sherriff and, it’s his mum.

His mum is pretty about being called out and draws a knife and starts stabbing Dave. I can see why he left home now! Dave panics, and blows his mum’s head off with his shotgun.

This makes Dave even more sad, like really, really sad.

He gets back to the base, to discover that Mike & Inumi have been chatting each other up while he dealt with killing and burying his mother. Mike & Inumi are now lovers they tell him.

Dave didn’t think he could get more sad. He was wrong.

Still, at least Inumi has a present for him … a nice Yorky skin cowboy hat.

Dave snaps.

I’m now running a single-person base, populated by a guy who is going to starve to death because is massively sad & guilty and won’t come out of his room. Also he can’t cook.

This game comes up with some great and flawed characters and plays the interactions against each other beautifully.

Very much recommended! ๐Ÿ˜€

‘Chapter 8 – The Tale of Banastra, Former Chief of the Borne of Owl Tribe

After a couple failed raid attempts on my colony we were going strong and I decided we didn’t need anymore people, but I didn’t know what to do with the living but incapacitated attackers, so I built an organized prison.

Eventually the prison became a dungeon.

Eventually the dungeon became an execution chamber

Eventually the execution chamber became a torture chamber for my colonist, Veniamin, that liked to kill. No one was allowed in the chamber except for him and myself, and the chamber was purposefully kept uncleaned.

After murdering so many Borne of Owl warriors, I started looking more into their lives, one in particulr was married to Banastra, a chief in the Borne of Owl tribe. I started to wonder what my motive was for caring about these savages before having Veniamin horrifically remove all of the organs from the spouse of Banastra I had held captive in my private chamber.

Many moons pass, and we happen to be raided again…

One of the raiders seemed familiar…

His name was Banastra, male chief of the Borne of Owl tribe.

As a smile grows across my face, I surmise that Veniamin, should he survive, will be quite happy later tonight.

As expected, we repel the raiders with ease and minimal injuries, thanks to my turrent and wall system. I organize the collection of the spoils of war currently lying on the ground and clear Veniamin’s schedule for the rest of the night, as he will have some work to do.

After collecting the remaining live raiders and escorting them to what would be their grave, I call for Veniamin to begin his twisted ritual.

Veniamin slowly works his way down the line of the Borne of Owl members, making sure to leave Banastra untouched as he will be our special guest of the evening.

After brutally murdering all of the remaining Borne of Owl members, only one remains. I am sure by now he recognizes the corpse of his previous wife, Camisa. I decide to allow the sole survivor time to collect himself, as we will need him to be in a conscious state of mind for the dark ritual to have merit or meaning.

Early that morning, I wake Veniamin from his peacefull slumber a bit earlier than normal, but I can tell he knows why. He was probably dreaming about this moment.

I know I was.

By now Banastra was a shell of his former self, cowering in his corner of my special chamber. Retrieving him was easy, but having Veniamin resist the urge to kill him wasn’t.

No, by now Banastra was very special to me. Killing him outright wouldn’t suffice.

Instead, I simply had Veniamin remove his legs and arms, without the use of anesthetics or blood-clotting medicine. He would surely bleed to death within an hour, if even that. I then had Veniam bring Banastra to the corpse of his deceased wife, Camisa and leave him there to bleed.

I then sent Veniamin on his way and turned off the lights. He wouldn’t be coming back for a while now.

I finally took a break from my duties, my self-appointed quest and ritual now complete, and I realized something:

Holy , I just did that.

Have I become a monster? Even if they’re my enemies in this kill or be killed world, I had just done something terrible that took considerable effort to do.

This world, it changes people…’

-Excerpt from ‘The Story of The Survivor’s Following, A Colony’

Sol 99. One more day and we’ve been on this damn planet for 100 days. The events of the last few days have turned our once triving village into a darkness Ive never seen. I had just built up 4 new sections of crops, preparing for the arrival of Winter. Right before Winter hits, dry lightning strikes my crops. My firefighters rush to the scene to start putting out the blaze. At the same time I get attacked by a neighboring tribe. One that my wifes father is part of. I think, oh no, I need to rescue him and take him in to our own. The fires are put out, but the loss of crops is significant at over 90% loss. My people move quickly towards their attack and defense positions. My melee fighters move sneakily around the back side of the attacking faction. My sharpshooters take position to cover any attempt at retreat. I rush into capture my wifes father. We take out the rest of the clan, raid their bodies for goods and throw their bloodied bodies into the incinerators. I go back to my wifes father who was in the prison being held. He is ready to join our clan and thanks us for saving him. All seems well. Except that Winter is now here. The crops are destroyed. There is no food in reserves. We are all starving. I search the map and find a group of deer. This could be enough to get us through Winter. Armed with my ak47 I leave my family and friends, out on a 2 day trek to gather food. When I come back, the worst has happened. One of my villagers had gone crazy and started fires all over the village. There were fires everywhere. The village pets; 2 cats, 3 dogs and a llama were burned to a crisp. The walls were down all over and the freezing temperature had killed a few more villagers. When I finally am able to get an idea what is happening, I see it… My wife.. Eating her dead fathers body. There was no food left anywhere. Everyone was going insane. The closest food source for my wife to survive was her own dad. I quickly ran over to them, chopped up his corpse and through it in the incinerator. I gave my wife some uncooked deer meat and we headed in to the only bedroom that had 4 walls and a roof. I wake up the next day and my wife isnt in the room. I find her in a state of dillusion. She tells me she is leaving me cause she cant see me knowing that I watched her eat her own fathers corpse, just to survive. I build her her own room. We work on repairing the house and trying to survive the winter together. A few days later another group of travelers would arrive. One of them was a stripper and another a burly larger man. I took a liking to the stripper and my wife found solace in a larger man that could comfort and care for her. Here us four go. Me and my stripper. Her and her protector. We share a rooms next to each other. My wife no longer talks to me, she views me as a complete failure. The leader of the village that was supposed to get them off this deathly planet. Months later my ex wife would turn to a world filled with non stop Yayo fueled, disillusion states. The stripper I fancied end up losing all her limbs due to cold, but its ok I replaced them all with wooden peg legs and metal prosthetics. Im not really sure I can be with her anymore. She has taken a fancy to carving out peoples internal organs and selling them on the black market. We had so much. Everything was perfect. Now I dont know if I can continue on in this world another day. The only thing I have to look forward to each day is my pet Muffalo. I need to end this entry because these components are going to build themselves.

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