More Shelves

MOD Desc
What it does This mod adds 3 new variants of shelves:

  • A small 1×1 shelf
  • A wider 3×1 shelf
  • A very wide 4×1 shelf

All shelves behave the same as a vanilla shelf, except they have no default storage settings.

Requirements None.

Compatibility This mod is compatible with RimWorld 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

Save compatibility Adding to an existing save It’s safe to add this mod to an existing save without any problems.

Removing from an existing save If you want to remove this mod from an existing save, make sure to deconstruct all 1×1, 3×1, and 4×1 shelves first.

A couple of links Ludeon forum page[]
Nexus mods page[]
GitHub releases[]

Credits All textures included in this mod are derived from the vanilla shelf texture.

A great colony simulation game that keeps me hooked with the events the story ai can make, the random world gens, the stories behind the people, the affects that can happen to people before and after raids, the detailed injury system.

Even though it is in early access, I would still recommend it to a friend and such, due to how good I think this game is.

Heres an example of a event that happened

I had a married couple and I was raided, so one of the raiders has an missle launcher and it blows up the husband and this makes him incapable of moving, so one of the raiders take him and I get all my pawns to shoot the raider, we kill him, but the husband was shot and killed by his wife, so I built a sarcophagus to commerate the husband. This is the wife becomes super depressed, she became addicted to smokeleaf and we ran out so she went berserk and she ended up dying due to the fact she injured our people so we needed to take her out. After all this happened, we made another sarcophagus and placed it by the husbands grave.

I bought this game at the end of 2014 and have been in love with it ever since.
It is a truly remarkable basebuilder. It accomplishes this by mixing a few geners into it. It is part basebuilder, part RPG, part survival and part towerdefense.

Playing the game feels like being in a constant crisis, death is ALWAYS looming for your colonists. It will take a long while before you can relax a couple of minutes, there is just too much that HAS to be done. Maybe you could also call the game a crisis management simulator.

Other things i like:
Good balance between micro and macro
You can designate global tasks for your settlers but can also give them a specific tasks if needed
Crisp graphics
Although simple and 2d, the graphics are very crisp and clean.
Decent interface
Hardly any bugs
Good modding support
Cool soundtrack
Good replayability
I usually don’t play games after i finished it once but i have with rimworld. The different biomes and difficulty settings allow for very different experiences.

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