Surgical Body Shaping (SBS)

MOD Desc
Adds some surgery options to change some colonist traits that you can’t otherwise change.

Specifically you can change a pawn’s gender and body shape.

This does allow you to cheese the relationship system a bit and has some odd interaction with anything affecting pawn gender or sexual interactions.

This software is distributed without warranty. I haven’t encountered any issues with this mod but that’s no guarantee there aren’t any. Like any mod, you use this at your own risk. Feel free to drop this in on an existing save.
The source code is included for those interested.

Credit to Proxyer for the Japanese translation file

Older Versions:
1.0: Here! Multiversion support is a thing now
1.1: Here!

Similar offering from another author

It would be cool if you had a face change surgery, I know it might be a bit messy to have a large number of specifc combinations to choose features but maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal to just pick a random one appropriate to a given gender (i.e. ‘Facial Feminization/Masculination’ or whatever). There are probably other mods out there that offer a way to face change also, I’ll look around, but I thought I’d suggest this for your mod.

If that’s the case, there’s not much I can do on my end to fix it. you’re running up against a limitation of the base game. In any case I only have options in for the base body types. this mod doesn’t add options for body types not in the base game.In the future please place bug reports in the proper discussion. It keeps things organized.If you want the change dresser functionality install change dresser. This was meant to be through the surgery mechanics. hence the SURGICAL in the name.

Omen) and think i know what mabus is taking about you open helath and then everything is gone and under it a dev consule opens up saying Error:You are pushing more GUIClips than you are popping. Make sure they are balanced.i believe this is happening due to the more bodies mode thats installed which means far more body types are added than the games menu thing will allow… but i dont know if its what he is talking about….. which btw pwes fix….. (i know this should be in the bugs or suggestions tabs but yolo) but pwes make a version that like the dresser mod were instead of sugery its acceced by a dresser

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