Don’t Drop When Psychotic

MOD Desc
Makes it so your people don’t drop things when they’re psychotically wandering.

This game is a triumph of procedural generation. The sheer scope of what you can experience here is insane.
It certainly doesn’t hurt the game that it’s programmed very cleanly, in a manner that makes more mods work together than not.

When you can start with a society that, due to available resources, goes through a tribal and then a medieval era (thanks to the medieval mod) before slowing reaching a modern/sci fi one, it’s a load of fun.
When you add on more mods, it just gets more insane/fun:

Want some Star wars with surprisingly cool (if overpowered) Force powers? Here ya go.
Zombie Apocalypse? Sure, we got that.
Lovecraft Mythos with a cult forming and performing terrible sacrifices? Yup.
….the list just goes on and on.

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