[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage

MOD Desc
By default the settings on the storage shelf is set to priority Important and to accept weapons. This causes weapons to fill up your new racks, causes weapons to get dumped in the middle of the ground to deteriorate when you change stockpile options and wastes everybody’s time. This mod changes the priority to normal and makes the default storage option nothing. Now your shelves will sit empty and unused until you specify what they should store.

Mod Support
Ideally I’d prefer people to kindly ask their favourite modders to avoid using default item settings or using a priority higher than normal to avoid this silly shelf issue. At any rate I’ve added patches for a few mods I personally use.

– Extended Storage
– Rimfridge
– Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Core
– Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Farming
– Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security

Fᴀᴄᴛᴏʀɪᴏ + Sɪᴍꜱ + Sᴛᴀʀʙᴏᴜɴᴅ

A Top-Down Robinson Crusoe, involving
survival, base management and a varied
mix of soap opera.

For that itch:
■ Sopranos
■ Archer (not being a spy)
■ MacGyver (the ’85 one)
■ The A-Team
■ Luke Skywalker & Leia Organa
■ Tusken Raiders (Star Wars)
■ Ellen Ripley
■ Clint Eastwood

Get ready to build your homes with the
resources you gather all the while
defending it from natural phenomena and
invaders, never mind keeping morale up
so that your residents won’t burn it down.

Ever wanted to see Lara Croft start a
pistol fight with Indiana Jones, because
he didn’t clean up a kitchen work table
after he made HER dinner, rescued HER
brother (HIS stepfather) from a crash and
single-handedly defeated a raider attack
in a nasty thunderstorm that crisped the
crops leftover from a recent blight?

Now is your chance.

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