Transport Cargo Pod

MOD Desc
So this mod builds upon the idea of the stock transport pods, but makes it universally more useful. It is fueled by Chemfuel in case you were wondering.

* If you can not find your cargo pod,check your pawn inventory
* Remember: Purchased cargo goes to your pawns inventory by default.
Video thanks to RyansPlace!!! =========================================================================
Edge Drop compatible. Will now move the drop pod to a suitable location if you click into the edge Thanks to SmashPhil and Neceros of SRTS Expanded for helping with this!

A Simple Cargo Pod Transport MOD.
Updated to 1.1 by Jellypowered.
Original Author: AKreedz
Original Workshop Page:
AKreedz posted source and said anyone can use the source code. I updated for 1.1!

Github Release for Non-Steam Users –

  • I made a short (30 sec) video using this mod over the summer. It’s a bit jumpy (couldn’t edit out the studders), but it’s shows how to use this. I generally use four pads for raiding other colonies:1. Assault team pod – loaded with with the team only so you’re not slowed by equipment2. Preloaded with resupplies (chemfuel, food, medical, power generators, turrets, sandbags, etc)3. Empty – Fully fueled extraction pod (first pod departs soon as team is dropped off)4. Spare pod for emergencies.
  • so good to see the ‘classic’ restored and with the edge bug fixed.I ‘personally’ find SRTS OP/imba for my liking in its current state. Industrial tech VTOL cargo ships that must weigh tons (including cargo) but yet still getting sufficient thrust from just chemfuel? And made from spacer materials but some built in the industrial age, an age of steam and early electronics? (really, come on?).Though, I appreciate that has said that he might implement SAMs as a counter to the SRTS bombing use, which would be good to see, and I understand the mod has some settings you can change.This mod then a little easier for me personally to incorporate in my game atm, at least from a perspective of balance and in some cases realism. This ‘not’ knocking people who want to use SRTS at their discretion, players have differing play styles after all.
  • I’m having an issue where everyone gets into the pod, I select a destination, and then nothing happens. Sometimes it works eventually, but it’s not really playable like this. If I get raided, it’s game over since I play hardcore. Anyone know a fix or a way to force the launch in dev mode?I can’t cancel launch, because when it bugs out like this the pod is not selectable even in god mode.And yes, the fuel target goes back to 75 on each launch. Not a big deal for me, I just change it manually each time.
  • People… mod authors share their work freely so let’s show some appreciation and respect. Here’s a free template, please feel free to use it…[Mod Author],Hello! I’m uncertain as to how the most recent update may affect your mod’s compatibility and am concerned that it could cause problems in my game. Prior to your review I’m hesitant to use it. If you are willing and able I would greatly appreciate your efforts to update it if needed or confirm that it is compatible with the latest version. I know that you of course have many things going on in real life that are more important than maintaining this mod. Your mod is very important to me so I will wait patiently. Your mod cost me nothing yet has brought me so much enjoyment. You made and published it out of the goodness of your heart and asked for nothing in return which is absolutely awesome! I thank you for your time and hope all is well with you.Best wishes,A loyal fan of your mod =)

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