BIRD UP! All-in-one

MOD Desc
!!DO NOT USE IF YOU INSTALLED BIRD MODS SEPARATELY, might cause weird stuff!! A modpack adding all the birds from BIRD UP! collection. Good for people with huge amount of mods.

The mod is still in development, so new species are currently being added. Right now the bundle contains:

  • Cockatiels
  • Budgies
  • Macaws
  • Vultures
  • Ravens
  • Peregrine falcons

Hey! Love this!! I’ve noticed an issue with your graphics that is very easily fixed! When you zoom out, your birds have little white flecks on their edges, right? That’s because the textures for the birds have a white background, behind the transparency. When the texture is blurred for the graphics card, it blends the white background over the black outline of the bird — and this shows up through the transparency, which is also blurred! All you have to do is make the backgrounds for all bird textures match the outline of the bird – black.

got a weird error, considering I had no Falcons on the map No visible problems though, I love this mod! per you should look at Alpha Animals or Harpies to see about removing movement costs or adding a fly action 😀 If I gave you sprites would you be ok uploading them? It wouldn’t take very long and I don’t mind!

Bird up! We need our berds in 1.2! :Pyes I don’t know the exact body size threshold but once animals get small enough having adv. intelligence doesn’t serve any extra purpose. Ideally adv. training would be possible & they’d be able to carry light items (or even rescue light creatures like other small colony pets) but the design seems to be all or nothing. This is a vanilla aspect tho which I don’t believe this mod seeks to change. Perhaps a future mod will address this?

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