Pawn Badge – US Army Enlisted Ranks

MOD Desc
Pawn Badge – US Army Enlisted Ranks This mod adds US Army Enlisted Ranks to Saucy_Pigeon’s updated Pawn Badge mod. This mod was originally created by erecinto but I have updated it to the latest version.

Disclaimer: I have not tested this on 1.2 but as far as I know it should work.

US Army Officer Ranks –

This has to be the best game ever made. It can either be a boring old base builder with survival elements or it can be this amazing ‘ the geneva convention, war crimes for everyone’ simulator, depending on your playstyle. The modding community is amazing. You can kidnap raiders, harvest their organs, get them high as and hooked on some substances, then install some ed up genetic modification in them to make them lay unfertilized chicken eggs (Yes, theres a mod for that). Or you could just stick them in a room with a heater to burn them alive, or freeze them, or make them fight in a gladiator pit, or feed them to your pet cat, or… You get the idea. Its amazing. Weird and ed up always happens with each playthrough and if you add mods and that custom scenario , you’ve got quite a lot of game here. Very worth it, Highly recommend

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