Royalty Textures Expanded

MOD Desc
This is a beginning of my Royalty retexture project, designed to work well with the Vanilla Textures Expanded and other texture mods.

Please give your support to the original authors of Vanilla Expanded mods, I love their submissions and you should love them too.

Right now it only affects melee weapons and crowns/coronets/psyfocus helmets. I will work on including other textures and apparel into the fray. Godspeed!

The thumbnail style is obviously created based on the Vanilla Textures Expanded for catching the eye, with the permission of the author.

I’ve played this game for a few hours… plus 100. It is easily the best game in my library. I have owned it for years, and find myself coming back to it every so often. I’ll play for 50 hours and then move on… But I will always come back to it. If for whatever reason you grow tired of the vanilla gameplay, which I’m not sure how you could, there are mods for days that will add on more to the gameplay.

My most recent gameplay I decided to have my colony be a nomadic tribe travelling the planet. I have a few mods downloaded, can ride animals, and set up camps. this makes it much easier and quicker. I’ve been stopping at random locations, quickly mining resources and getting the hell out of there before i get attacked. It’s a very fun style of gameplay because you quickly find that your colonists hate it, so you eventually realize you need to spend a little more time at one play before you start hopping around the map.

I highly recommend this game for anyone.

Got a message saying I was being raided, so I sent out most of my colonists to deal with it. Then I got a message saying that a fire had started in my crack reserves. I sent over the remaining colonists to deal with it but it was to little to late. Soon enough the fire consumed my remaining colonists and more importantly, my precious crack. I decided to order the colonists who were dealing with the raiders to go back and try to stop the fire, but the flames we’re too much. Soon enough I had one colonists left, incapable of violence or firefighting, with my colony becoming quickly overrun by raiders. But, when all hope seemed lost, I somehow lost some more. My base had been built into a mountain, and when the walls burned down, it revealed an ancient structure, full of bloodthirsty Scyther robots. With the ancient terror free, the raiders quickly fleed. The scythers finished off those who were still alive, and thus ended my colony. All is fair, out on the rim

Good game

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