no disturbed sleep

MOD Desc
This mod was originally created by 5katz and he has given me permission to reupload and update this mod on the workshop.

This mod will remove the mood debuff for disturbed sleep. Might be good for role play if your running a military group of warriors or just never liked that debuff to begin with.

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*has a hospital with several beds in one room*person is under anesthetic and is asleep, incapable of movement*another person walks in and lays down for another dosage of sedatives to treat insomnia*person is annoyed someone walked into their room while they were sleeping, obviously not being operated on or anything, they’re just having a nice little nap in a hospital bed with an IV attached.

Yeah I’m throwing in my 2 cents to state this doesn’t work for me either. It sucks since I’m using the Terra Core mod and I’m in an biome where I can’t build a barracks or compound so I could really use a mod similar to this to help tone down my colonists being upset about being disturbed while asleep.

lore friendly too. youre out on your ass shit out of luck on the ass end of some god forsaken rimworld, just trying to survive…. i think you would be comforted knowing others were in teh room sleeping lol. hell, surely wouldnt be pissed about bunking up in the conditions MOST of our colonies are in MOST of the time. lmao

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