Modular Tables

MOD Desc
Modular Tables are 1 tile in size tables that link together like a wall. They can be dragged out and made into any shape to fit anywhere you need them, such as along a wall. Also includes stools that link together.

////////////////////// Costs //////////////////////////////////////////////
1×1 modular table: 18 units of wood, metal or stone
1×1 modular stool: 15 units of wood, metal or stone

Original by ItchyFlea
Code Updated to A18 by KapTaiN_KaVerN
Textures edited for A18 by Rainbeau Flambe

Not compatible with:
– Table+
Original author’s donation link[]If you want to donate, please give it to him, I just updated the mod

Didn’t think I would like the minimalist art and small characters, but after hours and hours, I find I just love it and the quirky little personality’s of the pawns. I don’t play Ironman, as I hate it too much if one gets hurt and I can’t save him or her quick enough and end up losing one of my favorite characters.

There’s so much to this, I had no idea. And yes these little people do have their own personalities. When you start the game, 4 space travelers crash land on this rim world. You have to pick the four you want to start with by the work they will do, what they are good at doing or excited about doing and their personality traits. They do some crazy things sometimes and have likes and dislikes that you have to try and manage. You will gain some more as you go along and lose some as you go along. Some get fed up with they way things may be going and just leave! You may have needed that guy cause he was your best cook. But nothing you can do if he decides he’s going off into the wilderness. There’s so many things that can and will happen.
I have really enjoyed playing this. You can add all sorts of mods, allowing them to be things like dwarfs and other things that the mod creator wanted as well as adding many many other things. When your raided, you can capture wounded raiders, if you didn’t kill them all, and try to convince them to stay and be happy and be productive in your colony, or leave them to die if they won’t be helpful to you at all. You can check each ones traits, likes and talents, weapon, and clothes as they approach. There’s a lot of strategy involved in the raid game play. You can build traps, turrets and anything you can come up with to keep from being overrun by enemies.

This is a very ingenious creation by the devs. So to sum it up, I really really like it!! Buy it and try it, I can be a real challenge depending on the storyteller you chose, and your decisions and gameplay. Have fun!

– Have a fat slovenly female colonist named Sayuri who refuses to do anything except hunt and clean
– She can’t hit anything with her rifle
– She constantly complains
– She has horrible movement speed, always shows up late for a draft
– She is out hunting a pack of beavers
– She angers them with her pitiful damage, they turn violent and begin to gnaw on her
– We send help but she receives 6-7 solid beaver bites, gets patched up
– That same day a cold snap hits and she doesn’t have the proper clothing
– Bandits attack in the middle of the night, it’s 2 degrees farenheit out
– They are all armed with flame throwers and molotovs
– We defeat them but all colonists have burn injuries
– There is a fire heading towards our settlement from the fight
– We spend half the night beating out the fire, Sayuri refuses to fight fires
– While watching us battle the fire Sayuri has a psychotic break from having been gnawed on by beavers, lit on fire by bandits and having to fight in below freezing weather
– She begins wandering around in the cold, gets frostbite on her fingers
– By morning she has come to her senses, greedily wolfs down 5-6 fine meals
– Then she has another psychotic break and begins lighting fires around the colony
– We arrest her and put her in a prison cell
– I’ve had it with Sayuri, I fireproof around the prison cell area, get one of my men to equip the incendiary launcher
– Fire a single shot inside the cell
– Everyone go about your business, nothing to see here
– Sayuri burns to death in prison cell
– ‘Yeah I dunno, she must’ve had a lighter or something. You know how she was lighting fires all over homebase…’

10/10, awesome game so far. Highly recommend. Especially if you enjoy survival type games. I’m almost at my year mark on my first game and I’m getting into medicine production and churning out quality assault rifles. Very fun.

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