Lizardmen Lite

MOD Desc
This is a lightweight version of the Lizardmen mod. It does not include new weapons, equipment, factions, research, or the artifact building. These lizards will only show up in the game as refugees, slaves, or starting colonists.

Other notes Because the lizard’s equipment was removed, their racial restrictions on what they can equip was dropped and they can wear just about anything. Some hats may not look correct on their big dumb lizard heads. I would recommend something like Hide Hats.

Credit UnDeReAsTeRn was the original mod author. I updated it for v1.0 and touched it up a bit in my own way. View the original mod here.

This game, where do I begin to describe how amazing it is…
The enemy AI is very smart (utilizes cover, tries to take out your more dangerous people and picks up better weapons on the ground. They can drill through your walls and destroy your cover, even setting things on fire). They also scale with difficulty based on how long that colony is set up, difficulty level, how many people you have, along with many other factors.
The story is rather simplistic, but you can make your own scenarios and (with the help of the modding community, which is massive and amazing) even make your own people and win scenarios. Speaking of the community, the fandom is very respectful and helpful, especially for the size of it (in case you couldn’t tell, larger fandoms are generally described as ‘cancerous’ and ‘biased’, but not this one (for the most part)).
It also has a nice tutorial, with a good combination of being helpful, but not carrying you through the entire game (it’s even possible to get a GO before it ends, albeit you almost have to let it happen).
The best way to describe the graphics is ‘if retro had bezier curves’ (if there’s a word for that please tell me, I can’t think of it 😛 EDIT: the word I was looking for was vector drawings)
Finally, it has amazing replay value. If you are uncertain about getting this, then there are plenty of YouTubers making videos on it, so you can get a good taste of what it has to offer. For me, however, I strongly recommend you get it, it is well worth the $30.

Brandt was the best shot in the colony. He had a new wife. He was popular. He was kind. He was handsome. During a raid like any of the countless others, Brandt and Nelly took to the outer defences. The tribal hord moved forward across no man’s land. Brandt and Nelly were dropping the savages left and right. The turrets were sweeping up anyone the two defenders didn’t. That’s when everything changed for the colony. All it took was a stray arrow and Brandt was down. Nelly dragged him into the base and to the medical bay as a the raiding warriors began to make their way past the defences. After a brief firefight in the main foyer, the raiders were chased off. The survivors captured and dragged to their cells. Everyone expected Brandt to get better after a few hours. He didn’t regain consciousness. He couldn’t do anything on his own. After two days in the medical bay it became clear that Brandt’s wound was more than it seemed. And more than likely he wasn’t going to wake up. That’s when his wife Red euthanized him. The entire colony was despondent for weeks, but Red was different she was different. Another raid. The same group that killed Brandt. Nelly and Red were on the barricades. Maybe it was because she was where it happened, or maybe everything had been building up to this, but during the fight Red snapped. She charged forward and was torn to pieces by the colony’s own turrets. She died out on the field within hours. There was no saving her. Red was with Brandt again.

10/10 would be traumatized again.

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