BIRD UP! Budgerigar

MOD Desc
BIRD UP! Budgerigar

Mod Version: 0.2

Adds cute chirpy budgerigars to your game.

They appear naturally in warm biomes in small flocks. They’re too small to haul items, but they love nuzzling, so your colonists will randomly name them.

Please report if you have any issues with the mod. I’m planning on adding more types of birds/parrots in the future.

Feedback welcome!

Nexus link:

I’ve had this game since build number 5. In the last 9 builds it has almost completely transformed. The game used to be a simple matter of putting your solar panels near enough to your turrets and building a lot of hydroponics farms. Now it simulates temperature, multiple biome types, an absolute ton of wildlife, robot centipedes, tribes of natives, advanced relationships, mineral variety and, apparently, swarms of killer alien insects buried deep in the mountains. I found all of these things out the hard way, and loved every second of it.

Its also one of my favorite games to play with my little sister. She names all the characters, tells me what equipment they should have and laughs maniacally as they are all gruesomely killed off and driven insane.

Its Dwarf Fortress, but with a UI you can actually understand, in a firefly-esque setting. And while it is still being added to, updated,and expanded, whats here is already a blast to play, and well worth the money.

Five boomrats out of Five.

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