[SYR] Coffee and Tea

MOD Desc
Adds coffee and tea (and hot chocolate)

  • Unique, mutually exclusive buffs
  • Caffeine, a mildly addictive chemical
  • A fast and mostly painless withdrawal experience
  • Hot chocolate for mood and those extra-cold days
  • Coffee and tea drinkers! Affects the mood bonus they get from the beverages and there is a relationship impact if they like the same or different beverages
  • If both are available, pawns will automatically choose their prefered beverage, no micro-managing needed


This mod adds two new plants: Coffee and tea plants. Their harvest can be cooked into tea and coffee respectively at a stove or campfire. Coffee and tea provide mutually exclusive effects. Both include caffeine, a new chemical, which is addictive. Getting addicted is difficult, particularly with tea. Withdrawal is fast and somewhat painless.

Pawns are also tea or coffee drinkers with a minority having no preference. Liking the same beverage gives a relationship boost while liking different ones gives a penalty. Pawns will only get a mood boost from their prefered beverage, but always get the other effects. If both are available they will try to drink their prefered beverage.


  • Restores rest
  • Increases hunger rate
  • Decreases tiredness rate
  • Increased consciousness and work speed
  • +6 mood for coffee drinkers
  • Increased effect after two cups
  • Relatively addictive after reaching 20% tolerance


  • Restores a little food and rest
  • Decreases hunger rate
  • Increased learning speed
  • +6 mood for tea drinkers
  • Only addictive after 30% tolerance and less than coffee

Hot Chocolate

  • Restores a little food
  • Increased cold resistance
  • Decreased heat resistance
  • Large mood buff (+9)
  • Not addictive

The effects coffee and tea grant are mutually exclusive. Drinking coffee will remove the tea effect and drinking tea will remove the coffee effect. Both bewerages grant joy in form of luxury, a new type of joy.

Important: They only show up in the drug tab if you start a new game! If you want them in your already started game, go into the mod settings, coffee and tea, press the button ‘Add drug policies’ – it will add them manually. This is only necessary if you add this mod to an existing save.

The original coffee/tea cup art is from vegetable garden. I modified them to be smaller and work with stack counts. They will probably be included in this form in the 1.0 version of vegetable garden.

Github: https://github.com/Syrchalis/CoffeeAndTea


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  • Tea and Coffe don’t exactly …decay.They should outdoors like in rain, but not exactly in storage where presumably they are closed in some sort of container. ‘Air’out’aroma’ is slow proces in such conditions it would have to be few years in game……but i agree somewhat, maybe:FRESH after harvest should have strong effects, less addicting with less negative impact and can be sold for high buck, and after few months should ‘decay’ to weaker variant:’OLD’ variant would sold only in Stalker game where they eat stone bread with sand and cooked hands of mutans together with rad’rat’on’a’stick…is much weaker and more addicting and toxic……because…well…ekhm…have you heard about ‘quantum entangelment’? (buahahahaha) xD
  • Before those who prefered it without addiction get all up in arms and an angry mob with pitchforks and torches forms: This is not final, I might change something about it or make it entirely optional (though that’s some serious C# work).More importantly: It changes nothing about normal gameplay. Just heavy coffee use will lead to addiction. If that happens, curing is relatively easy and painless, but just giving coffee to your addict is also really easy.Unlike other addictions and tolerances this does not cause mental breaks or chemical damage. This means if your entire colony is addicted to caffeine, so what? It only matters if you run out of coffee and even then it’s a weak debuff that doesn’t last long.
  • Larger update:Tea growing time 4.5 -> 6 daysCoffee growing time 4.5 -> 12 daysCoffee yield 5 -> 10Brew coffee/tea requires 12 -> 20 beans/leaves now for 4 cupsBoth these changes are to make it harder to supply your entire colony with these luxury drugs, especially in plant-unfriendly biomes.Addiction added:Coffee 0% -> 5%Tea 0% -> 3%Chemical None -> Caffeine (for both)Withdrawal:None -> -6 Mood, 20% increased tirednessImportant:Caffeine addiction has different values than other addictions, it’s mostly comparable to Ambrosia. Tolerance goes down quickly, addiction can be cured in 10 days. You need at least 20% tolerance to get addicted by coffee and 30% for tea. Tea has less addiction chance in general and generates less tolerance (it’s incredibly hard to get addicted with tea).
  • Update: Added new persoanlity aspect – people who prefer tea, coffee or enjoy both. 40% are tea drinkers, 40% coffee drinkers and 20% enjoy both. Mood buffs have been equalized. Tea drinkers will only get the mood buff from tea, coffee drinkers only from coffee.Coffee drinkers get a -5 relationship penalty with tea drinkers and vice versa. Coffee drinkers get a +5 relationship bonus with other coffee drinkers and same for tea drinkers.They will also try to go for the beverage they enjoy if both are available automatically. There is now also a settings menu with a button. Pressing it adds the drug policies for tea coffee and hot chocolate to your game. This is only meant for when you add it to a running game, it will not do anything if your policies already include them.
  • Yes tea properly reduced hunger rate to 80% of normal, I tested it.Also I didn’t change the sell price of tea/coffee much, because it’s the correct value. You get 3 silver per tile per day (not considering temperature/plant resting) – this is less than for Flake, Smokeleaf or Hops/Beer, but more than for Yayo or Psychite Tea. So can you make a profit with Tea/Coffee? Yes, but Hops are still easily the best.The market value went from 18 -> 16.5(coffee) and 15(tea), to further differentiate them. Since coffee takes longer to grow it’s a higher risk and thus worth a little more. Both are not that profitable compared to harder drugs however (Flake, Smokeleaf, Beer mostly) – but they are safer and probably more useful. Decide yourself what you prefer.I also want to note – if you want pure mood and silver, beer beats both easily in both categories.

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