Area Rugs 2.0

MOD Desc
Area Rugs 2.0

Version 2.4

This mod adds to RimWorld:

Square rugs (1×1 to 7×7 tiles)
Hall runners (1×2 to 1×7 tiles)
Wide Hall runners (2×3 to 2×8 tiles)
Rectangle rugs (2×3 to 6×8 tiles)
Big Rectangle Rugs (6X10, 8X10, 10X12)
Circular rugs with and without the Rimworld logo. 1×1 to 7×7 tiles
Footprint Door Mats in 1X1, 1X2, and 1X3. Do NOT clean.
Rim Rug 3X5
Round Fancy Rug 3X3
Beer 30 Rug 3X5
Eye Of Ra Rug 3X5
Lady Rug 3X5
Puzzle Rug 3X5
Persian Rug 4X6
Egyptian Rug 4X6
Prayer Rug 2X3
Play Mat 3X5
Vanilla Bear Rugs 4X4
Thrumbo Rug 4X4
Megasloth Rug 4X4
Muffalo Rug 4X4


Butchering Megasloth, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, and Muffalo now also produces a skin for carpetmaking.
Butchering Thrumbos does not produce a horn anymore but a Thrumbo Skin usable to make a Thrumbo Rug which has the head with the horn on it. You can remove the horn still with a new process at the Rug Making Table.

Mod will most likely not work with other mods that may edit what happens when butchering the animals that make rugs. Example – My Taxidermy MOD –

Works with Save Our Ship 2.

Add/Remove notes: Safe to add. If you remove 1.0 and add 2.0 then load an old save two things will happen. You will loose dyed cloth and two rugs, the simple and frilly rugs. You will get erros on your first load but no more errors when you save and load again. 99% of the DEFs were not changed from 1.0 to 2.0.

Version 1.0 – Released and still up on steam.
Version 2.0 – Revamped and removed dyed cloth and 3D Bear Rugs while adding a few more rugs and pulling some lame ones.
Version 2.1 – Added 2X runners and Prayer Rug
Version 2.2 – Added Play Mat
Version 2.3 – Fixed a couple issues causing log errors, nothing more.
Version 2.4 – Fixed an issue in work speed stats causing log errors.

Rimworld came into my world out of nowhere. I bought the game on a whim, launched it, and a few moments later it began telling me it’s first story. The story of Chi:

Chi is ugly as ****, so he saved up what he could and went for plastic surgery…
That was the last thing he remembered, when he woke up below the remnants of his escape pod on an unknown distant planet – bruised, naked and covered in slime. Bummer. And he was still ugly as ****. Bummer. Bummer!
Chi doesn’t give up easily, though. He is not a whimp, so he build himself a home from nothing.
In a year he went from sleeping on the cold hard ground, picking berries and chewing on raw rat meat to having a real kitchen (with a fridge!), a comfy bed and heater to warm him during the cold winter nights.
He even made an acquaintance, a friend (kind of). The acquaintance was an actor named Tom. Tom came screaming into Chi’s life, fleeing the club wielding maniac who was close behind him. Chi and Tom somehow managed to survive the fight against the aggressor, and Tom chose to stay in Chi’s crib (although he didn’t like Chi, because he really IS ugly as ****).
Another year went by, and Chi and Tom managed to get along. This was probably because Chi is a night owl who enjoys sleeping during the day and working in the moonlight. They only crossed each other during breakfast/dinner.
Everything was… well, not peaceful, but at least without events such as starvation, disease or violent murder… for a while.
Until the day, they received a message, telling them that Chi’s sister had somehow arrived on the same planet and was now being held captive by a group not too dissimilar to Chi and Tom.
They gathered their best (awful) weapons and went on a journey to save the poor girl (who was also ugly as ****).
The mission turned out to be slightly more challenging than anticipated.
Two bandits had locked Chi’s sister up in a small shed, so far, so good… but the place was defended by gun turrets and bloody mortar fire!
Chi and Tom only had a spiked club and an old six shooter, but as I said – Chi doesn’t give up easily!
He ordered Tom to shoot at the solar panel, which provided power to the gun turrets, while Chi himself started running.
Chi dodged whistling bullets and flying shrapnel from mortar explosions as he screamed for death and revenge.
Somehow, he didn’t die.
Chi’s sister was saved.
Tom was blown to bits by mortar shells.
They buried Tom next to the solar panel.
Brother and sister went back to Chi’s little hideout and lived on a little while longer…

Rimworld is a storyteller. Rimworld is an absolutely awesome game, because Rimworld is FUN! Rimworld is ugly as ****, but somehow this makes everything exactly right. It underlines the fact that it is all about the story and the gameplay – most of all the story. Rimworld is hard and unforgiving. Rimworld is stealing my sleep. Rimworld is never leaving my hard disk…

I have never played a game as much as RimWorld, and I’m not sure if I ever will. I’ve bought it twice. Once in Alpha on the Ludeon website and once on Steam at 1.0.

-You don’t mind ultra minimal art (4 directional animations on static sprites which are just pretty icons.)
-You want a narrative story generator with deep character stories and life events
-You played FTL and loved the way you got attached to these little sprite characters
-You want a colony management game
-Management software doesn’t bother you or excites you
-You want a game where you can do almost anything you imagine
-You like building things and trying to keep it from being destroyed
-You stop to watch the grass grow

-You want highly detailed and animated sprite art and can’t get past it
-Simulation games have nothing to offer you
-Survival games are ‘played out’
-Strategy games aren’t your thing either
-You can’t stand losing because you didn’t anticipate something could happen
-Excel sheets and management stuff is boring
-You don’t care about emergent narrative and just want to play a set story
-You aren’t interested in making your own fun and prefer a linear experience

RimWorld is easily summarized as a Firefly inspired Dwarf Fortress with a Prison Architect aesthetic.

But the best description is that it is a Dynamic Narrative AI Storyteller where you crashland on a planet with a few starting colonists and items, then proceed to guide them through survival situations on your way to building a sustainable base, eventually with spaceflight capabilities to end the game.

But that only scratches the surface.

There are alien monsters, genetically engineered life forms, any planetary biome you can think of, primitive tribes, space age militaries, and frontier western cowboys.

You’ll be harvesting kidnys from your enemies to save your only engineer’s life, waging epic wars against rival factions armed with machine guns and lasers, watching in horror as your base is ripped apart by alien insects with only a husky and a lone survivor struggling to rebuild after fleeing to a new map in the dead of winter, and establishing a trade empire selling drugs to fund your starship building enterprise.

When you toss mods on top of this, of which there are thousands, it takes the experience to new and impossible places. Cloning the perfect human over dozens of generations with Questionable Ethics, Nuking enemy civilizations into radioactive wastelands with RimAtomics, buiding starships to travel to new worlds with Save Our Ship (featuring my art ad Kentington’s code!), and becoming a master chef with Rimcuisine.

It is worth exactly the price it is listed for and will never go on sale. Yes, you should buy it. Forget the other games in your list, you’ll play this one for sometimes days straight.

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