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Seeds for your immersion pleasure.

Adds gameplay surrounding planting crops. For most of the basic crops, you now need seeds. Easy to modify. Comes with the plant processing bench to extract seeds from your favorite fruits.

Writing your own
<SeedsPlease.SeedDef > <defName>SeedPotato</defName> <sources> <li>PlantPotato</li> </sources> </SeedsPlease.SeedDef>
That’s all it’s needed for potato plants to start requiring and dropping seeds. You can customize it further with the seed properties: harvest factor, seed quantity and seed chances, and harvest product. The defaults make a vanilla experience. I’ve included all the core plants that yield a harvest.

These are included in the base mod, they will be enabled automatically if you have the mods installed.
– Alpha Biomes
– Biomes! Islands
– Crusty Peanuts RimCuisine 2
– Cupros Drinks Soda
– EP Soybeans
– Nature is Pretty Sweet
– T Expanded Crops
– VGP Garden Drinks
– VGP Garden Fabrics
– VGP Garden Gourmet
– VGP Garden Medicine
– VGP Garden Resources
– VGP More Veggies
– VGP Three Sisters
– VGP Vegetable Garden
– VGP Xtra Flowers

Really recommended mod to go alongside SeedsPlease:
Dubs Mint Menus

Thanks to
– FlowerChild, original mod
– Vendan, A11 update
– Skyarkhangel, A12 update
– Dismar, A13 update

Alternate Downloads
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Encourage me to keep modding []

  • didn’t mean to sound defensive or offended or anything, so sorry if it looked that way to you. 🙂 Once I can actually stop spending too much time playing, I’ll hopefully get into modding. But thanks for your encouragement!Also, now that I think about it, is there a dedicated seeds vendor, or do some vendors just randomly have seeds? I’m currently on jungle and due to complete lack of healroots I’m blowing all my silver on meds whenever someone has them and it hurts. 😀 Probably just unlucky with no one having healroot ones. Oh well.I use Rainbeau’s Cultivation as well, so I never really though about it that way. I wanted to add some realism to the game, so that’s why I went for both the mods. Cultivation does an excellent job complementing SeedsPlease!, since it does exactly what you mentioned: having wild plants to help start with initial seed collection. (Do you get seeds only from vendors otherwise?)
  • Yeah the tree, naturally when it spawns (after a new game starts or the mod gets installed in an ongoing game, a timer starts. Once the timer is up the tree spawns. But sometimes there is no tree, there’s an obelisk instead) the pawn goes to it, goes insane, then runs home to scribble a book.That book is used to create the Occult Research station.Tree is worth 100 wood when chopped down, and provides the Cult_Nightmare seed from this mod. But since they’re the incarnation of insanity and not a natural plant, it might be ungrowable unless this mod makes it so you can grow more trees. Like the terrain has the same requirement as Oak, since that’s what it looks like (except for the glowing runes, sound activation button, and fact that it initially spawns fully grown).Does this mean to get this seed to work from this mod, I need to make a mod using an alteration of Jecrell’s tree mechanics so more weird trees and eldritch books can be acquired?
  • It’s not hard to survive so much as just… monotonous. I’m using VGP but I can’t make most of the fancy, tasty stuff added by the mod because I don’t have the crops lol. I just finished a play through of bandits in the desert (vanilla factions expanded – settlers) where the only thing I had to sow was foraged agave and pincushion cactus. So they basically spent their life consuming smoked meat and brewing tequila from the agave, which was actually appropriate as fuck for the play through I was doing, so that was definitely cool, but I would like some variety lol. I definitely agree that the whole making plants from nothing thing is stupid and unrealistic. And I’m someone who has installed a heap of mods that add realism to production such as the simple chains series. It’s just very difficult to get the seeds you need when you’re in a desert biome and get no traders because the scenario you chose has everyone hating you xD
  • Holy crap, this + simple chains leather/lumber/steel + bad hygiene + soft warm beds + desert biome = HARD MODE. This feels like a true hardcore survival game now.Getting anything beyond simple structures built is a long, laborious task due to all the iron mining and steel smelting required.Getting beds with any decent rest effectiveness is very difficult because I have to create tanned leather so my pawns spend half the day in bed and only fill half their rest bar.Literally the only crop I can plant is pincushion cactus with seeds I’ve harvested from the map. And luckily I’m using VGP or else those wouldn’t even be a food crop and I’d have nothing. Even still, they give like 3 fruit per harvest. 3! So my tiny ‘vege patch’ of like 10-15 cactus plants that I’ve managed to scrape together is enough for like 2 meals per harvest. Plus all the other hygiene/bladder/thirst needs from DBH.It’s kind of crazy how hard it is with all these mods lol
  • I was on the verge of writing a potential bug report when using this in regards to healroot; the thought process was I obtained some herbal medicine early on because I was ‘smart’ so I could turn them into seeds and start growing an early stockpile on my jungle map as healroot doesn’t naturally occur there.To my shock I saw I couldn’t but needed raw Healroot instead and I’ve not yet seen any seeds of that type sold by traders…’so this MUST be a bug from conversion from B18/19 to 1.0′; I thought…But I wanted to be sure and sent out my only grower to a temperate map and built a base there and harvested all the healroot in the area I could find (just to be sure) and discovered it, indeed, dropped raw healroot now instead of medicine.So I guess I just seriously crippled myself when NOT playing on temperate forest tiles.This added difficulty….I LOVE IT; 100% the reason I downloaded this mod: Because growing a huge farm was way too easy for me.
  • meh, in some cases its unecesary, the thing ocurred to me when i had probles on a tree that gives resources (expanded power ruber tree) since cutting the tree wouldnt yield seed, you had to collect the latex for thar, so i thougt that just as crops it could be good to be able to collect seed any time- but since is (atleast for me) the only problem tree its as you said not realy neded, maybe in the future if some mods add more problem trees it would be more reasonable, sorry if i’ve been a bother or something.on a side note: ive noticed there are some things missing for cupropanda mods plants (4 plants in 3 mods) cabbage has seeds but they cant be extracted on the plant procesing table, turnips dont even know since wild cultivation dont spawn dem naturaly and spectago and frassroot dont even have or need seeds. Apart from this huge wall of text and botherings caused ive benn liking the mood so far (sorry not mentioning that before).

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