Animal Gear Horse

MOD Desc
Version 0.9.2

Requires at least HugsLib 5.0.0

Load order
// HugsLib
// Animal Gear

// Horses or/and AnimalCollabProj
// Animal Gear Horse

A small mod that adds armor and a saddle for the mod ‘Horses’ and ‘AnimalCollabProj’.

You might need to add them to the outfit ‘Anything’ or create a new outfit on the animal-tab.

You need smithing and a smithy to build the armor, saddles are made by tailoring.

Needs ‘Animal Gear: Base’:

Alternative version (Graphics): RS Horse Armor and Saddles for Animal Gear

Hello there good friend!
Say, do you like surviving against all odds? Do you like a city builder? Do you like RTS games? Have you ever played Prison Architect?
Well, if you do, take a blender, drop all of the above into it, with a cherry on top, and the result is: Rimworld!
Not to mention the number of mods and possible stories you can make out from it, and the game is a BETA, and it only became a beta about a week/two ago, but this is Beta done right, they might as well take the ‘Beta’ away and say: ‘This is the game, everybody! Enjoy!’
Aside from this game being awesome, it also has Steam Workshop support, and a forum where you can download all sorts of mods, which, is kinda prone to pirates using it as a way to bypass Steam Workshop, but I do suggest looking at it from time to time, not all mods are uploaded to the workshop for some reason…
And now, to continue the tradition, let me tell you a story, at this point I won’t say anything about the game, just something I came up with when playing around with the dev mode.

There was once a colony I built, dug into the mountain, it was a ‘Ferian’ colony, essentially a utopia, well, except for one group.
The Colony was scientific, to the point where all the experiments were conducted on prisoners, who had decent personal cells, which, from raiding other colonies, one would consider a luxury! But, the ending of the game is where you build a spaceship.
I wanted to try it out for fun, and so, the Ferians(That I remodeled and remade to make them ‘Arctic’) turned to the stars, to plant the banners of their faction on an unoccupied planet, and hopefully create a Glitterworld!
The colonists packed their stuff, and stepped into the cryosleep caskets, the ship took off and went into the night.
But, remember the prisoners? Well, starving, they finally, had a chance, to leave.
The colony’s power shut down, it already being on emergency mode, the doors of the cells opened, the turrets were inactive, all that was left, was to step out, and… Leave.
But, you are weary, you already tried to, it ended badly, as shown by the still present gunshots wound that are yet to heal, so you wait until the rest leave, and you wait, and wait… You have no idea how long have you been waiting for, so far, no gunshots, you don’t even hear footsteps, you step out at last, the sight of the turrets scares you, warily, you look over the corner… The turret doesn’t react, it doesn’t even move, scanning the area around it.
You step out, moving down the corridor…
It finally sinks in, the sheer size of the thing, holy bells! How are you going to get out of here?
You continue going down the corridor, and you can barely make out a sign that says ‘RIOT CONTROL – ARMORY’, well well winner winner chicken dinner, you step inside, I take my words back, you loser, you are too late, the guns are taken, only the pain-sticks are left, well, at least something.
As you expect, a few dead bodies of a Na’hils, those are genocidal s, no wonder the three are lying dead, one of them was modified, that disturbs you, because seeing a thrumbo horn on a humanoid is a creepy sight and thought…
You take as much stuff as possible, going down the dark corridors, thankfully, with a flashlight!
You continue walking, as you see a sign saying ‘INDUSTRIAL/RESEARCH LEVEL’, huh, those Ferians really like getting to the point, you would investigate it… But there is a door to your right, and it seems mighty interesting, well, because it’s open, and the room inside is MASSIVE, you step in…
You wish you ignored it, aside from it being REALLY cold inside, you see… Dead bodies everywhere, and those aren’t recent! Those are placed side by side, no blood, no clothes, NOTHING!
You see that one gal who was rumored to be given an Ovipositor… And it says on her dead body, that she died when trying to escape, from fatal damage to an ovipositor which lead to internal bleedings that weren’t treated in time…
You stand there, thinking about what is this room even about, all you see is dead bodies and garbage, who would want to keep dead people in their base?!
You leave it, you remember the Research section, being a smart cookie in your colony, you realize what the bodies could be used for, you don’t want to entertain that thought much, though…
You continue walking, as you finally reach the door, it feels like you are walking through a city, the place is just that massive… You open it, well, nothing creepy, the only thing is the extraordinary amount of machinery inside, things you NEVER SAW in your life, and this is probably the last time you will see it.
You notice, though, the door to the research sector, and as curious as a fox, you enter… Only to find even more machines you have NO IDEA about what they do.
Well, two doors… The Incubator, and storage.
You enter the former, it’s closer, so it only makes sense, it’s quite hot inside, the auto door(Which you now open manually) kept most of the heat inside, nothing inside of here, so, you leave.
Inside the latter, horror awaits…
‘HUMANOID GENETIC MATERIAL’, ‘RODENT GENETIC MATERIAL’, ‘MUFFALO GENETIC MATERIAL’, ‘AVIAN GENETIC MATERIAL’, what does all of this mean? God, you see a box… ‘Human Ovipositor’, you are once again, disturbed, you don’t want to open, your curiosity backs off, as do you…
You leave the room disgusted, creeped out, you just want to LEAVE, you give out a sigh, you have to explore this facility fully, next time, you send a group to salvage this place, because you know you will never be able to get it operational.
You walk back, to see ‘Cafeteria’, huh, not all words are bold and upper-case, it’s obvious what’s inside, but how does it look like?
You enter, and even under the light of a flashlight, it looks first, ENORMOUS, second, down-right beautiful, everything as clean as it gets, there is even food on the table with some Soda, praise the gods! You can finally eat something decent! And so you did, you have never in your life ate a meal like that, absolutely delicious, and with some Soda alongside it? What kind of place is this? You’d never be able to even get your hands on one of the Sodas, let alone drink it!
You continue and leave the cafeteria, going down the corridor that says ‘Living quarters’, if they have such a cafeteria, what would the living quarters look like? Well, you found out, a sight you will truly never forget.
Inside of it, there were a few lamps powered by batteries, and the room, even light up, is something, you never wanted to leave.
Even the sight of a personal bathroom got you by surprise, you could never even THINK of something like that in your own colony, and the bed, decorated with gold and jade… So soft to lie on… And so you did, for a bit, you never wanted to stand up, but, with the conditions inside, you knew that, very soon, this place is subject for another raid, they happen all the time, this is the unbeatable jewel, someone wants to take the glory of raiding it, burning it to the floor, and taking everything inside.
You step out, depressed, you walk towards the exit…
You walk outside, the trees planet in a beautiful way, the flowers, you have no words to describe how it looks, and the lake decorated with statues, and bridges, you step on it, the sight is mesmerizing, but you HAVE to go now.
So, you step towards the area, you fear most, the defenses.
huh, you feared a reason, even turned off, this has the potential to scare off even the bravest of your colony, you look at it, all the turrets, guns down, no light, no sound, nothing, as quiet as it gets…
You continue walking forward, you… See many bodies, they seem to lack most of their body, as if it was ripped away… Disgusting, creepy, but, hopefully, they took most of it? Right, right?!
You continue, walking to the exit, at last! Fresh air, as cold as it is, the snow calms you down… What is that cli— BOOM, you are thrown to the wall, breaking your spine, never to tell the tale.

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