MOD Desc
Shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Should work on 1.0.x.

With Fahrenheit selected:
Outdoors 212F [100C]

With Celsius selected:
Outdoors 100C [212F]

With Kelvin selected:
Outdoors 373K [100C/212F]

Very addicting game. If you like base building game and like to ‘micromanage’ things to make it more efficient. Then this game is for you. I remember at first I was uncertain that if I would like this game and not sure if it’s worth $30. I decided to give it a try and, boom, I’ve been playing it 28 hours straight, without any sleep. It’s that addicting and defintely worth more than $30. There’s thousands of mods on workshop for this game so you won’t really run out of things to do in this game. With or without mods, you can do lot of stuff in this game. You can:

Build a simply colony to just build a ship and escape the planet.
Roam around the world as tribal
Build a superfortess and ward off lots of raiders
Challenge yourself by building a colony in unhabitable zones like extreme desert or ice sleet. (I’ve managed to build a well-sized and sustainable colony on Ice sleet biome, it was super challenging.)
Build a warring colony and conquer other colonies
And many more!

NOTE: Runs great on Linux

This is one of, if not THE best ‘colony simulator’ type game on Steam in my opinion. If it interests you, please check it out. I have put in 100+ hours before the Steam release. It’s a fantastic mix of depth and accessibility (DF being at the bottom end of accessibility).

TONS of depth here, don’t be fooled, but you won’t feel the need to have a handbook on hand while you’re playing to just get basic things done. The balance is perfect here, in my opinion.

The sound and music are also excellently done and while they are not NEEDED for the enjoyment of this game, they make a damn fine aural backdrop and go beyond what I expect from the genre.

Active development by highly intelligent individuals is another nice thing about this game.
Lots of freedom to enjoy the game in whichever manner you wish; Now Steam Workshop support adds even more to this.

I might add more here but wanted to make a quick recommendation – this game is definitely worth your time and money if you are in to the genre.

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