Field Medic [B19]

MOD Desc
The version for Rimworld 1.0 is released!

This mod of Rimworld adds the functionality to temporarily patch up bleeding pawns in the field. The patch expires after a while, so you still need to give the pawn more formal heals, but this buys you time.


Most code are ported from NoImageAvailable/CombatExtended, so great thanks to NoImageAvailable for releasing his code under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.

I used Chicken Pluckster’s Outfit Creation Kit ( ) to create the Medic Bag sprite. Thank you CP, the templates are super useful.

How does it work?

* New apparel: Medic Bag.
* Costs 30 cloth, 5 med, and 2 components to make …
… on tailor table
… after you’ve researched Medicine Production.
* The colonist needs to have 5 crafting and 4 medical skills.
* Raiders will not spawn with medic bags. Traders may have medic bags in stock.
* A pawn needs to wear the medic bag to use it.
* It occupies waist layer, covering the torso, thus it shouldn’t conflict with most apparels.
* The pawn needs to be downed, not in a bed, and is bleeding to be stabilized by a Medic-Bag-wearing pawn.
* The helper’s medical tend quality affects how effective the stabilization is.
* Stabilizing each bleeding part costs 3-8% of the bag, depends on the original amount of bleeding. The bag can cause ‘Tattered apparel’ just like any other apparels.

Localized for Chinese(S/T)



As mentioned above, CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. Mention both NoImageAvailable and me 🙂

I really like the idea of this mod and I see a lot of potential in it.Some further ideas:-Make stronger bleeding more expensive to stabilize and slight bleeding easy to stabilize-User adjustable time for how long a wound stays stabilized-Different kits with higher or lower durability (for example a military first aid kit)-Make it so you can stabilize the wounds of a non-downed pawn (Neck and heart trauma can still cause massive bleeding without downing them!)-An option to make only external injuries stabilizable-An option to make it possible to restabilize a woundJust a few things I had in mind when I played around with the mod; indeed a great job!

Keep in mind that this is a powerful feature. I like to think these tools are just scrapped together and aren’t on our world’s industrial standards. So because the medical bag has multiple uses, the tools get worn down with each use. I totally understand the need for something else like components to balance the mod out a bit, and I admire this mod author for even bothering to balance it (unlike the many many wildly unbalanced mods in the workshop). If any changes were to be made, perhaps reduce components to 1 and require 10 herbal medicine; or change components to some steel (10-15?) and require 5 regular medicine.Anyways, keep up the good work flyfire!

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