Growing Zone Priorities

MOD Desc
Allows you to set priorities for which growing zone to sow and harvest first. Also works on plant pots, hydroponics, etc.

Save friendly!

v1.1.0.0 Changelog:
– Fixed bug where colonists would plant the wrong crop. (And probably some other bugs too).
– Simplified code so there is less performance impact and extremely unlikely chance of a mod incompatibility.

GitHub download:

I’ve been playing this game for the last year and a half and absolutely love it! Probably clocked up more than 1000 hours. Its one of those games that pushes you to make very hard decisions, like should I recruit the prisoners I have or release or execute them or sell them to slave traders or harvest and sell their organs?

One of the things I particularly love about Rimworld is the ability to choose a play style for every colony – for example, you could choose to have the storyteller that takes it easy on you and then choose to play mainly for base/colony building, giving yourself a very chilled experience. Then on your next colony you can change these choices in the game setup to ensure you’re going to have an experience that is going to kick you firmly up the a$$!

I played so many colonies but can remember things from all of them, such fond memories, and I am going to continue to make those fond memories.

If you are thinking about buying this, which I assume you probably are as you are reading reviews…STOP THINKING! Get your wallet out and buy it! You won’t regret it!

I bought this game for the full price because everybody was so over the moon about it. Maybe this simply isn’t my kind of game, but I found it to be both frustrating and tedious.
What’s frustrating about it is the sense that everything is permanent. Lose a fight with a bear? Injured character. Don’t have any healing items? Dead character. While some may relish in this kind of balls to the walls permanence, I thought it encouraged me to want to start again every time something didn’t go my way.
If I’m being honest with you, I doubted I’d enjoy playing this kind of resource management tailored experience from the start, but I was persuaded to open my ever decreasing in size wallet by the silver tongues of steam reviewers. Oh, well.
While I’m claiming to not recommend this game, what I’m really doing is sharing a negative experience of a critically acclaimed game. A rarity.
Do I recommend this game? No. Do I acknowledge that I’m part of the vast minority that didn’t enjoy it, and am I encouraging you to read several reviews of this game before making a definitive opinion? Yes. Yes, I am.

I love dwarf fortress, but Rimworld actually made me care about the people I command.
Especially that one woman that wasn’t told to fight off the scyther invading the camp, she got shot in the back, spine broken.
I kept her in the hospital, incapable of walking, I wanted to find a way to save her, since she was my best colonist, I owed that to her. Maybe if I got advanced enough I could replace her spine?

Alas, a flashtorm told me otherwise.
Here they were, fighting a loosing battle against the flames. I had to make a decision and packed everything I could into one single caravan. They couldn’t carry her with them.

Abandon settlement, rebuild. The lost tribesmen got chased off their camp once again.
Everything is good again. Except the burns on my hunter got infected, and got the better off her.

Fast forward to the end, my colony was populated only with domesticated wolves that outlived their master.

Rest in peace; Komodo, Val, Hunter, Meat and tribesmen who met less glorious ends.

Except you, you Arroya, I always hated you.

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