Halo – Soundtrack [1.1]

MOD Desc
Summary Adds songs used in the Halo games.

Core game soundtrack untouched; it’ll still play.

Size: ~211MB
(Might take a minute to download)

Supplemental Mods Halo – Weapons by O Negative

Songs By: Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori
– Luck
– Released
– Infiltrate
– Honorable Intentions
– Last of the Brave
– Brutes
– Out of Shadow
– To Kill a Demon
– This is Our Land
– This is The Hour
– Dread Intrusion
– Follow Our Brothers
– Farthest Outpost
– Behold a Pale Horse
– Edge Closer
– Three Gates
– Black Tower
– One Final Effort
– Gravemind
– No More Dead Heroes
– Keep What You Steal
– Halo Reborn
– Greatest Journey
– Tribute
– Wake Me When You Need Me
– Legend
– Choose Wisely
– Movement
– Finish the Fight

Important Information This mod is meant for personal playthroughs only. I highly recommend any content creators (YouTubers, streamers, etc.) avoid recording their RimWorld playthroughs with this mod enabled. Copyright claims are almost certain to cause issues for you. I am not responsible for any financial damages playing with this mod may bring.

Game Content Usage Rules http://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules

Rimworld is a huge timesink with a million dofferent things to do and two million workshop mods on top of that. Build a colony on some backwater planet, defend your people, keep them healthy, and MAYBE you’ll manage to get a ship off of the planet if the hostile elements don’t get you first.

There are some RNG events that decide what happens to your colony for better or worse. Maybe you will find a drop pod filled with food in during a harsh winter, or maybe a swarm of rabid squirrels will break down your doors and leave no survivors. Your colonists all have their own wants and needs too. They can fall in love, have affairs, mentally break down and go on a murder spree, or just snap and wander off into the wastes. It can be a struggle to keep the colony happy AND secure, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… Even if that means sending a highly skilled pyromaniac sharpshooter on a suicide mission so he will stop burning all of your crop fields down.

There are so many things you can screw around with and build, plus with countless mods there really are no limits to what you can do. A great value for the asking price and a fantastic prisoner organ harvest simulator, totally recommended.

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