[WD] Vanilla Hairstyles Rebalance

MOD Desc
A small patch that removes the most weird-looking hair styles and changes generation of some other ones.

Features: -Prevents generation of pawns with hairstyles:
1. Afro.
2. Brief Ponytail
3. Firestarter
4. Greasy Swoop
5. Mohavk
6. Pigtails
7. Scatman
8. Scorpion Tail
9. Shaved
10. Spikes
11. Troubadour
12. Tuft
13. Wavy
-Changes generation of several other ones (Some ‘Punk’ ones are for tribal people etc.)
-Works fine with mods which add new hairstyles.
-All removed hairstyles are available in the menu of ‘Prepare Carefully’.

Known Issues:
No known problems.

Saved games compatibility:
Installation: Not tested. Probably possible.
Remove: Not tested. Probably possible.

Other mods compatibility:
No known problems.

Previous and non-Steam versions [www.dropbox.com]
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I’ve never actually finished a game of Rimworld, but every time I start a new game it’s because there was something that went completely wrong that ed me up and I guess that sums up what Rimworld is to me. You can spend so much time in one game min maxing that colony that one little event s it up and usually that would get you mad and it does. This game punishes you but every new game, you learn and learn and when your colony starts to get self sustaining theres this sense of satisfaction that comes with it.

I havent played in months eagerly awaiting the 1.0 Release of this game and am posting this review as a sort of congratulatory thing now that this game has fully released. This game will suck you in for hours and hours. Yes there is a learning curve but there are many good guides on here and youtube that help you get the basics and the advanced strategies that you could use. The base game itself will suck you in but the modding community will also continue to help this game grow and thrive in the future and make you spend more time in this game.

Once again to Ludeon Studios, congratulations on an amazing game, you deserve all the positive reviews and I geniuely look forward to sinking more hours into this game!

This is my first game review so I’m not exactly sure what to say really. About two years ago I bought this game from ludeon studios because my friend came up to me one day and was like ‘Yo I’m going to email you something so get it and play it you’re going to love it.’ Of course my first thought was something like ‘Oh god it’s so gonna be a hentai game or something’. When I got home I tried out the game Rimworld and I absolutely loved it. Now for these past two years I have made over 200 worlds lasting for at least 3 weeks each. I have done so much different stuff with it and I’m still not bored of it. Over the years Ludeon has made Rimworld from a pretty cool game into an AMAZING game that just makes me love it more with every update that comes out (They will never have one of those R8 updates [shoutout to csgo players]) I was very happy when Rimworld came to steam because well of course it’s where I play ALL of my games so I would want one of my favourite games there as well. I was even happier when I get an email saying ‘Hey guess what! Since you bought Rimworld from ludeon you get it for free on steam! Congratz!’. So overall Rimworld is just an amazing game and if you don’t at least TRY it then you’re a pinecone.


This game has no plot, yet an exceptional amount of detail.
The world is alien, yet farmiliar to everyone.
It provides no instruction, only endless oportunity.

This game will inform you that another faction is attacking you, or that one of your colonist’s is a nudist pyromaniac, or that the alpaca you are trying to tame has athsma in its right lung. It does not tell you why these things are so, it lets you fill in the gaps and write your own story.

The game has surprizing variety of content: techtrees, drugs, weapons, workstations, crops, clothing, artwork, plants, animals, bionic body parts, supertech psycic items, and more; yet it gives few quests and makes no demands telling you what to do with the rich environment.

A smile cracks across my face when Squril, my retired combat pilot turned colony leader (he also has alzimiers and a peg leg), goes hunting rats with his rapid fire minigun and acidentaly shoots a wild capibeara. The pack of formerly timid herbavores transform into vengeful manhunting rodents and charge him; knocking his pegleg until he falls before knawing his face off. Only I understand why this is a fitting end for Squril. Only I need to.

Buy the game. Write your own story.

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