FE3H Apparel

MOD Desc

Apparel based on the uniforms from Fire Emblem Three Houses.
– They have stats similar to button-down shirts, and a +10% social impact bonus.
– The capes come in 4 colours (matching the canon houses). All have the same stats, +10% social impact and +10% negotiation ability.
– Even though now all capes are stuffable, the ‘stuffy’ version of the cape remains as a way for you to get a cape in any colour you want.
This pack includes FE3H Accessories. (check that page for pics of the accessories, if you need them)
– Everything in this pack can be crafted on a small bench called ‘Anna’s corner’, to avoid menu clutter. It has the same costs and works exactly the same as vanilla tailoring benches.

These can be worn to fulfill Royal needs.
Uniforms = vest/corset (ungendered), capes = robe, hat = top hat/ladies hat (ungendered), headband = coronet/crown.

Some items will not be visible from the back. This is expected behaviour, not a mistake.
I like to make my accessories as vanilla-friendly as possible, without the need for extra mods to show hair, and this is the only way I have of doing it.


Chinese translation.

As for the variations of these uniforms that we all know exist but aren’t in this pack, please consider:

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