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Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

Adds a Reactor that produces a lot of Power, is Built Instantly and for Free.
It goes without saying that this is in no way balanced and should only be used for testing or cheating.

I know that there is a debug power option in the menu, but I find this quicker to use and allows some power grids with lots of power and some normal ones.

If you are reading comments you are thinking about whether this game is worth the money. Just stop and buy it. You are wasting time you could be enjoying this game. Just stop. Now.

If you are still reading, like me, you consider the opinion of the random internet personality to be worth very little. I get it.

You will care for your colonists. Real emotions will be had when your colonist loses a hand or becomes ill. As the battle is brought to you by the raiders you will feel apprehension. You will consider leaving behind your favorite colonist (you will have a favorite) just so they aren’t risking damage. Your muffalo will have babies and you will love them….at first. Then you will see they eat so much food. Then you will consider that they could also BE food. Which leads to my Con’s list.

Your sense of morals will be continually questioned and compromised. I have done terrible things to my colonists, pets, and incoming raiders in the name of utility or survival. Therapy does not seem to help and the spiral is getting out of control. I worry that the shadows cast by objects around me are growing and the sun might be getting dimmer.

Humor aside, this game is truly one of a kind. Your failed colonies will make you sad, but the colonies that make it become a happy little world contained in the ecosystem of your digital platform. As you can see by all the other reviews this game gives WAY more than the 30 dollars put in. Just do it.

I don’t usually write reviews but I am going to write a short one for this one because of how fantastic it is. Don’t let the Early Access title fool you. Like Factorio, this feels better than a lot of ‘full’ games out there.

I started my journey so innocently. Just wanted to make a colony, have some laughs. My first one ended with one of my three survivors eating the flesh of his fallen enemy after he killed him for going beserk. He needed to gain his power. This sent the other remaining surviver into a rage. Armed only with knives they stabbed each other until both lay bleeding out next to one another, staring each other down with hate as they slowly died.

Alright, well, that wasn’t very innocent. Let’s try again.

After a series of raids and losses, the colony encounters a large mech raid. The colonist, beaten, stressed, at the edge feel that this is their last moment. They think of the other 5 colonist they buried. Mostly on peg legs and crippled, they went after the enemies. Two died, but the other two prevailed. The giant muffalo goes ballistic when it sees its owner is killed and headbutts one of the remaining survivors to the ground before turning to the other. Seeing her colony lost, her own future gone, she decides she won’t go out by this muffalos terms. She stabs an explosive rat lighting herself and the muffalo on fire. The other survivor watches in horror as he bleeds out and the flames edge towards him…

Buy the game. It is a really nice time.

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