Shallow Water Floor Tile

MOD Desc
V1.2 This mod adds shallow water as a floor tile you can place down.

sorry had to re-upload wouldent let me change preview pic

This is my first time actually making and posting a mod and posting it for this game i have learning difficulties so this was confusing and hard for me to do. I had some help from good person on reddit who did some code thanks to him for the help.

As it says at the top this just add’s shallow water as a floor tile you can place and destroy like normal it has the slowing effect as they walk through it even has ripples but i dont know if it acts as real water that they can drink from or even gather water from.

It cost’s 2 wood per tile dose not conflict with any mod that i know of docent with any of mine docent have a load order either so you can place where you want also it can be added to any save game.

You can use it as moat to slow enemies a bit or if you like farming in game use it for a fake irrigation canal to give your farms a realistic look so on hope you enjoy let me know of any problems there should not be any ile try to fix if can.

I have also posted this mod on Nexus Mods and Github i added links in a post i pined in discussion section.

I have reduced the material cost of the flooring to 2 wood look in descution on detail on why.

(If you want to use this mod or anything from it witch is not much lol in a mod you are making or a video please just mention me and a link to this mod thanks as i dont really mind if you use it at all)

🟩 Pros+ Great time-sink
+ A lot of workshop content
+ Watching your people is extremely entertaining
+ Selective story
+ Amazing gameplay

🟥 Cons- No proper multiplayer

🍒 Additional personal opinionI don’t even know where to start, there’s tons of different ways to play this game, I find this game to be extremely addictive, and the replayability is unending. Would you like to care for a small group of settles? Or a lone survivor? Or maybe you just want them all to suffer a miserable death.

If that wasn’t enough there’s also hundreds, if not thousands of superb mods available conveniently through the workshop. I’ve never been much for this particular type of games, but man. This is gold. You must give it a chance!

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