RimFace for Facial Stuff b18

MOD Desc
RimFace adds completely new high quality faces in Rimworld. Give each colonist an individual appearance!

Facial Stuff DO NOT NEED

Use with Camera+ , without zoom you will not see the difference.


  • More than a hundred new eyes, brown, blue, green, gray and purple colors.
  • Completely redrawn mouths, eyebrows, wrinkles and added bionic parts.
  • Heads were redrawn and modified, noses are added for the side view.
  • Some beards are now displayed along with mouths.

You can disable the display of bionic parts.
Mod settings > Facial Stuff > Show extra parts

This mod is save-friendly (adding & removing).
No gameplay mechanics are touched, only the visuals are changed.

Please click if you like this mod (:

Special thanks Killface for Facial Stuff
Brrainz for Camera+

>>> RimFace for Facial Stuff 1.0 version <<<

  • Hi there, I made Facial Stuff. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded the legacy version of FS here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343430059 in case your game crashes (till this mod gets updated) or you don’t like my changes.Again, sorry for your inconveniences regarding my mod or any other mods depending on it.
  • The biggest difficulties in updating the mod are my ‘programming skills’ and crooked hands The insidious plans of the illuminati are especially noticeable in the prices of HDD and the load of the RimWorld for ~20 minutes [I have to reload it a dozen times to check that mod everything still does not work, and I still don’t know why]
  • This mod made the game so much better. The little differences like them turning to talk, expressions, eye shapes and color, it made the colonists seem more alive and easier to connect with. It wasn’t just that another colonist died but the one with the red beard and bionic eye was died. I really hope you come back and update it for the final version, whenever that comes out.
  • Just imagine, youre about to raid this colony, tensions are high, suddenly 8 people sprint at you with maces, their smiles wide, youve never felt this level of fear as you abandon the raid, they catch up with you and pummel you to death, theyre still smiling but they dont kill you, they drag you off to become one of them
  • Update of this mod seems to encounter terrible difficulties. I believe Illuminati may be involved. 1.0 version of the rimworld. 1 is the eye. 0.9, version where mod stopped working 3 x 3 = 9 three sides of the triangle. Plus you were offline for six hours 31 munites when I red this. Coincidence? I dont think so. This discussion has 10 pages which could be written as 1 + 3 x 3. Mod has 10.133 mb. You see it again? it was uploaded at 26th january 6/2=3! Again. Mod has 133 ratings on workshop!!! ITS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Illuminati want to stop your mod from releasing.
  • I’ve used the legacy version of facial stuff together with this and it worked nicely. Now that the old version is now integrated here, all the facial stuff patches I’ve used are incompatible and throw errors. Could you please upload a version that does not integrate it like before? The legacy version of facial stuff is more than enough.

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