Rimmortality – (Time Lords)

MOD Desc

As of this moment, Rimmortality is in an early stage. There is still some functionality to patch in, please report any issues or mod incompatibilities in the comments below.

Inspired by the regeneration ability of the Time Lords from Doctor Who, this Rim-lore friendly adaptation allows you to research and create a super-resurrection serum that will allow your colonists to cheat death 12 times, but at the following costs;
– A new set of randomised traits
– A completely new physical appearance (Skin tone, Head and Body, Hair and Hair colour, 5% chance of gender swap)
– Post-Regeneration sickness
– Slight mood debuff
– Slight social debuff with all related colonists (you’d feel slightly untrusting if your sibling, spouse, child or parent suddenly morphed into a completely different person wouldn’t you?)

In short, any colonist injected with the Regeneration Nuclei will auto-resurrect at the point of death 12 times!

Warning – Dying on the worldmap does not trigger Regeneration. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this

– Research the Super-Resurrection Serum Technology
– Craft a Super-Resurrection Serum from x1 Mech Resurrector Serum, x1 Mech Healer Serum, x2 Neutroamine at a Drugs Lab
– Add a medical operation to the target colonist to inject the serum

Once the serum is injected, the Regeneration Nuclei will appear in the colonist’s health tab. On death, that colonist will automatically resurrect, but won’t be the same ever again…

– Does this differ from the Resurrection Mech Serum? Yes – whilst 1 resurrection mech serum brings a colonist back to life, fully intact, this does the same – however it will automatically trigger 12 times, giving your colonist that near immortality you’re craving
– Does changing gender affect my romantic relationships? No – nor will it suddenly alter the sexual orientation of your colonist.

– Known issue; Dying on the worldmap does not trigger Regeneration. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this.
– Known issue; Resurrection death still triggers the ‘X has died’ message. Working on a Transpiler patch to handle this.
– Known issue; Facial Hair from other mods (e.g. Vanilla Hair Expanded) does not remove during regeneration (even if you swap gender). I’ll be looking into compatibility patching after the other points have been fixed.
Bionic and implant attachments remain attached. Working on a Mod Settings class to handle this as an optional toggle.
– No compatiblity testing has been performed, however Death Rattle and other death relates Harmony patched mods may be affected by this mod.

– I don’t plan on bringing any other Doctor Who related functionality into this mod


First day, the planet overheated. All my people died of hearth attack.
Second day I said I have experience now. I will name my people. One was my name, one was my girlfriend and one was a friend of ours. I tried to make a romance between me and my gf. I even forced them to sleep together. After one day she felt in love with our friend and I could not stop that. Me and my gf agreed that the right thing to do was to kill him, she could not accept that she cheated on me in the game. I killed him in the game, in his sleep. After, the character of my gf felt into depression and left the group. And after, I was bitten by a rat and poisoned all my body and no one was left to cure me. It was a very sad game.
I dont recommend using your name or very close friends.
I will definitely start a new story again.

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