Vegetable Garden Lite

MOD Desc
The goal of this fan-made mod is to tighten the scope of the Vegetable Garden mod. It removes some content to emphasize just the farming side of things, and dialing back anything to with cooking or lumber. It also tweaks the balance to try and prevent and deviation from vanilla difficulty curves.

Note: I am not officially associated with the Vegetable Garden mod, and this is just a fan-made edit for it.

List of changes

  • Ironwood removed as I felt it fell outside the scope of the mod, and also didn’t pair well with the Snowy Trees mod.
  • Bamboo related content was removed.
  • Silage was given a heavy nerf. In vanilla, kibble provides a 20% gain of nutrients in -> out. Silage was 3.5x beyond that, while also carrying the same market value. It is now a 30% improvement, making it a respectable upgrade over kibble if you have the resources for it.
  • Bulk meals prep now has a flat 4x work multiplier over singles, removing the built-in efficiency gain. The reason why was because I felt this recipe was double-dipping in efficiency, as your pawns will already gain indirect efficiency due to 4x less hauling of ingredients involved. Aside from that I felt it impacted labor-related difficulty too much in a cheaty way.
  • Bulk meals now also require +4 cooking skill over the single versions. I felt the inclusion of bulk meals basically made the single option pointless to even have in the game anymore. Bulk meal prep is now treated as a reward for increasing cooking competence.

    March 30, 2019

  • Some of the raw food in VG had nutrient values of 0.06 and 0.08. These have been changed to 0.05 while the plant yields were increased to compensate, effectively keeping the nutrients-per-yield the same. The idea is to keep all raw food at a consistent 0.05 across the game for easier gameplay understanding. An as aside, VG also patched vanilla berries and agave from 0.05 to 0.08, effectively buffing them. This buff has been reversed. The mass per item was also adjusted to compensate.

    April 27th, 2019

  • The mod was renamed to Vegetable Garden Lite with an emphasis of altering VG’s mod to mostly just the farming-related stuff and less so cooking.
  • Specialty meals do not have bulk recipes anymore, like tea, coffee, or packaged survival meals.
  • Fruit drinks are no longer considered health food (as far as the hediff buffs) but rather a recreational drink. It’s comparable to chocolate. It gives more nutrients and joy than it did before instead of giving the health buffs.
  • Most of the patching code has been rewritten for better performance and future-proof reliability.
  • Stew and stir fry were removed as they were considered inconsistent to how generic meals work and the hefty health benefits that they would provide.


  • SeedsPlease: place this mod below it.
  • Expanded Woodworking: you no longer need its Vegetable Garden patch (unless you use the VG extension packs which add even more trees).

  • The bullet point don’t really help me, since I didn’t know anything about the cooking part of the game yet. Thanks for your reply I guess I kind of got the idea now. It sounds like some of the food are considered more OP and unstable with pawn’s eating AI? I saw that stew and fry can boost manipulation and blood filtration, but I didn’t know how much of it provide. However, it does feels like that they are not hard to be prepared by the cooks in daily basis, so I guess that part is already slightly a little overpowered. Especially with how manipulation helps with every task in the game I think.
  • It was mainly a matter of consistency with how vanilla handles prepared meals. The only difference between a generic, vanilla meal and something like ‘stew’ is that one has a generic name, and the other has label stew slapped on, lol. Potentially the same same ingredients and method for preparing it, as well as facilities and skills needed. So it seemed too arbitrary.IMO if you wanna mod the game to give named meals buffs, then generic meals should be removed so that every meal has some unique buff associated with it. Then it would be consistent within itself. Just one owl’s opinion, though!
  • i’m not sure if this actually effects anythings but i’m getting this as i start the game up Could not resolve cross-reference to Verse.ThingDef named VG_Campfire (wanter=recipeUsers)Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.DirectXmlCrossRefLoader:TryResolveDef(String, FailMode, Object)Verse.WantedRefForList`1:TryResolve(FailMode)Verse.DirectXmlCrossRefLoader:ResolveAllWantedCrossReferences(FailMode)Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad()Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean)Verse.Root:m__1()Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action)Verse.LongEventHandler:m__1()
  • Ah, so it’s not all about the balancing. I am finding myself chugging stew, coffee, tea and fruit juice before fighting large threat. While it gives the game a lot of flavor, which was what the mod author was aiming for, it started to feel cheesy after a while. ‘If you wanna mod the game to give named meals buffs, then generic meals should be removed to that every meal has some unique buff associated with it.’ I totally agree with this, the only reason to craft simple meal was to train your cooking pawn to skill 10, so the pawn can cook stir fry. Honestly, it really should be consistence within itself like you said. Unless the stew should be harder to craft in some way.The only problem I found with this Lite version is that. I find myself losing the reason to research/grow higher tech crops, because they all yield less, while they served no more purpose in receipts. Or am I missing something here? (I am still fairly new to the mod as you knew).
  • I’ve not tested this patch in 1.0 or before But i like most of your adjustments. If possible in your building of a 1.1 update would it be possible to add an options menu, for turning off bamboo and/or Ironwood, along with the stew and stir-fry. Ironwood & bamboo are very useful when you have a tech limiter and NoWaterNoLife. I agree that the Stew & stir-fry are very unbalanced and kinda OP. However rather than just cutting them, would it be possible to up the requirements of Skill, Work, Nutrition Value & Ingredient variety?
  • I like all the changes except the ones for bulk recipes. These are in the game now so can be considered vanilla. I don’t know if VG handled it differently than the base game in terms of the efficiency bonus, but in vanilla the efficiency gains are only slight, so it’s more or less balanced. Also, if you use shelves for food and place them right next to the cooking spot (or fridges if you have the appropriate mod), then you’re actually not double-dipping with the efficiency bonus, as using shelves allows your colonists to grab ingredients instantly with no down time between cooking, so in this case removing the efficiency bonus actually makes it so that bulk meal bills are no better than single meal bills at all.

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