Cannibal Party+

MOD Desc
Removes all cannibal and human-butchering penalties. Colonists with the ‘Cannibal’ trait still receive buffs for eating human meat. These penalties are removed:
-Ate human meat
-Butchered human
-Set opinions of cannibalism to 0 (as opposed to -10 and -5 opinions)
-Eating a raw human corpse (Cannibal Party+ ONLY)
-Seeing a human corpse (Cannibal Party+ ONLY)

I just updated mod, will take down if the owner requests for it to be taken down.

Before anything; READ THE FICTION PRIMER!!
I know, reading is boring, but it fleshes out the game so much it’s almost a shame to pay for it and not know the lore.
Here’s a little hint to get you started: Humanity never discovered FTL-travel, yet we’ve conquered the galaxy…

What makes Rimworld so good, for me personally, is the depth it has.
I know of no other games where your colonists can have fingers shot off, broken wrists, etc.
I also know of no other game in which you can harvest organs to implant if your colonist has an old heart!
Diseases, psychological breakdowns, a nice social system, …

It all adds up to very immersive gameplay, which I happen to like.
It has a large community and a lot of mods, so browse through the workshop a few times in the next few days to add some stuff that you might find usefull to reduce the micromanagement a bit or to add buildings/features. Or visit the nexus(but, since there’s a workshop, I’m more lazy than impatient about mods so I’ll just browse daily).

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