MOD Desc
v1.5 CatsAreCleverToo
Sets Training Intelligence for Cats, both big and small to advanced….

first version
thanks to Qwynn for pointing out i only need to add the part of the .def file
i change to increase compatibility with other mods .. should work better now
changed targetversion to 0.18.1722
changed to patch system, thanks to Broken Valkyrie for the code snippet…
changed to work with version 0.19.2009
as of this version, the developer finally acknowledged the superior intellect of
big cats, so this mod now only has to correct the intelligence on cat and lynx
changed targetVersion to 1.0.0
ammended tags to use supportedVersions instead of old targetVersion
added mutliversion support for 1.0 and 1.1
added 1.2 compatibility

Interested in using xpath patching instead? it only edits 3 line minimising incompatibility between mods. I already written it for myself. You just need add afolder called Patches and place an xml file in it. Copy this into the xml file. Defs/ThingDef[= ‘BigCatThingBase’]/race Advanced Defs/ThingDef[defName = ‘Cat’]/race/trainableIntelligence Advanced Defs/ThingDef[defName = ‘Lynx’]/race Advanced After this the def files are no longer needed.

They’re too small to haul, and even carrying small things they’d probably just refuse. While a cat might defend you, it’s too small to drag you to safety. Hard to see the point of this… Sure, they hunt and bring you stuff but you normally don’t want to eat what they bring. Big cats though on the other hand, I mean I’ve never seen a tiger or a lion with carrying bags, and you better not put anything fragile in them because one roll in the grass and it all turn to pieces but uhm yeah, I guess big cats could work, maybe. o_รต

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