Pawns Paint! Restored [B19]

MOD Desc
1.0 version is available here!

Pawns Paint! Restored is a variation/continuation of the amazing Pawns Paint! by WillieLambo. When Willie was unable to continue updating it, I really missed it in my games so I made a version for my own personal use. After getting Wille’s approval, I’m now sharing it on the Workshop for all to enjoy!

The only major difference between my version and Willie’s is that I changed the paintings to be all real-life public domain paintings.

Don’t like the paintings? Or want to add/remove some? You can change them! They are located in the following folder on your hard drive:
<Steam installation location>SteamAppsworkshopcontent2941001503685494TexturesThingsBuildingArt

If you’d like to make your own paintings, you can download templates[] that were made with and Photoshop. All of the paintings that get loaded into a game are located in your local ‘Painting’ folder, so you can add or remove them in there.

If you want Wille’s paintings back, download and unzip this file[], delete the ‘Painting’ folder on your computer, and paste the new ‘Painting’ folder in its place.

Possible future features

  • Rotatable easels and paintings
  • Wall-mounted paintings
  • Larger paintings
  • World peace

Non-Steam download

Previous versions

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  • All credit goes to WillieLambo for making this wonderful mod. I just updated it.
  • ThirdEye for the Simplified Chinese translation.

The description for the original mod is below:

Let your colonists paint!
Paintings give beauty and lets pawns look at them for joy.

This mod lets your colonists build an easel and make paintings from cloth and wood.
Colonists paint whatever they feel like, and sometimes it’s some weird *#@!.

The paintings are unfortunately not rotatable, which is a shame. I’ve tried and tried to make it work but having both random textures and make it rotatable doesn’t seem possible.

Currently on version Beta 18!! —
Beta 18 link (big thanks to Jibbles for the files!):
Alpha 17 link:
Alpha 16 link:

The idea is that every painting is randomized from a folder full of paintings.
If you have any ideas for paintings or balancing suggestions, please let me know.

If you want to add/remove custom paintings, this is the directory,
Paste this in your windows search:
Your harddrive:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsworkshopcontent294100917248300TexturesThingsBuildingArt

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When I read the reviews from steam, I am quite surprised at it’s overwhelmingly positive review.

On 2nd Jan 2019, I decided to purchase it for my entertainment.

Since then, when I downloaded it, [Surprisingly, this game is very small it’s less than 300 Megabytes], I was playing the game non-stop from the time I downloaded it till only on 11st Jan 2019… when I look at the hours I had spent on this game, I was amazed, a total of 127.2 hours…


1. 100% Proven Addictive
2. Even when you select the Easiest AI mode, without raids and such, you will have a lot of things to do inside the game.
3. This game can let you realize your plans. Once you have an idea to collect, plant, mine resources, so that you can built certain things, you can actually plan it, and assign people to do the work.
4. This game is not suitable for Children at all, as it involves many resources planning and resources management.
5. There are alot of drugs inside this game, in which the Smokeleaves or Marajuana looking type is the most useful, 2nd one like beer could cause addiction… and many other type of drugs that are too dangerous to build as it’ll cause havoc in your colonist, and you have a hard time doing cold turkey.
6. Some colonist are simply idiots, no matter what, they are always complaining, and those type you can either deploy them out for dangerous missions, or just send them to their deaths.
7. It’s the discovery of the game’s mission that you finally figure out what to do next…


Well done Ludeon Studios! I am your fan now, and I had been introducing this game to other friends of mine!

It’ll be awesome if this game could be somewhat linked to the same planet, and all the rest of the players could play simultaneously together.

I don’t know what to say about this game that is bad. Sorry. 🙂

This game is the shizz. I have never played a single player game this much. I have 1600 hours on record and I still find a new way to start a story almost daily with the content the players are creating for this game. It’s absolutely insane how much content is being created on a daily basis. So awesome.

The creator calls this game a story generator, and that’s what it is. I’ve played the game to finish, but the finish wasn’t the fun part, it’s the journey there. And it really is a journey. The game can make it as hard or as easy as you want, but easy is no fun as it’s the random every freakin thing that makes this game so awesome and builds the story you can remember. I remember one time where a pack of cobras came in to my unsecure base and took all of my colonists out. Game over. But I would never want to change that story.

I reccommend playing the game vanilla before you go adding any mods. Each MOD can change the story you’re creating, and there are thousands of mods it seems, so your story can be different every time. Want better guns? There is a MOD for that. Want more armor? MOD. Harder raiders? MOD. Easier raiders? MOD. Don’t want to travel to gather resources? MOD. it’s is endless the story you can create with this game.

The Pawns. OMG how the hell did they get my actual uncle in there? I swear I have felt like I know these pawns sometimes, as the AI written to make them individuals is out of this world. The time and creativity that went in to programming this game to make these pawns almost humanlike is crazy. With the traits and issues some of these pawns can have, you have a regular Jerry Springer show on your hands sometimes. People make friends, fight, make love, get married and talk about the weather, it’s crazy and so awesome.

If you like to play games, buy this, you will not be upset you did.

Hello everyone!

When i first saw Rimworld in my recommended games i looked every video of it, then i looked online to see more trailers.
I thought that this, was a very well made game, and i (as an OCD gamer) would enjoy playing. I went to the store to buy myself a steam card and when i got the money, i bought it. (i can’t remember if it was on sale or not) i started up the game and i was shocked by the immersion. I actually felt like i was left to die and had to survive. After finishing tutorials i rather quickly found out that food was important and diseases are quite impactful, also raids happen and people die.. Now!~ i have 1000ish hours into Rimworld and i am still playing it as happily as the first hour i bought it. Great game! Great graphics! Great immersion and it is realistic. I enjoy taking down raids and replacing their legs to logs (not crazy at all) and send them home to bring terror to my enemies. also trading is cool, and since Wanderlust is here, we can set up multiple bases, (for instance one that mines stone in a huge mountain, and another one that grows food and have caravans bring stuff to one place to another. Also the modding community is alive and doing things beyond my abilities, mods really helped me make this game more enjoyable for getting to a 1000 hours, this game is incomplete but we may not complain since this, my friends, is a precious gem in the gaming world, we must enjoy every corner of it, and hope our friend Tynan Sylvester will put even some more effort into the game, i personally love him for making this game and i wish the best for him. This game is great! it helped me find myself and realise what luck we have to live in a world where wealth is quite common. (we also have poverty) i give this game a solid 9.5/10 because its perfect except we could still have more items and some things could be added to increase immersion. after all… this is a roleplaying game.

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