Save Our Ship Creation Kit

MOD Desc
This small toolkit allows modders to export their own ships to the XML format used by Save Our Ship 2. Once placed in your mod’s Defs/Misc/EnemyShipDefs folder, exported ships will appear as enemies in SoS2’s ship combat feature.

It is NOT intended to be used as part of a normal game. If you’re not a modder, leave this one alone.

===How to use===

You’ll find a new Ship Design tab within the architect menu. The ‘New Ship Map’ tool spawns an empty space map where you can construct your ship.

Begin/End tools come in both circular and rectangular versions. Place the Begin segment, then the End segment, to define the boundaries of an area of hull. You can also place hull manually, but using the shapes will save considerable space in the XML file. Deleting the shape’s ‘Begin’ marker will remove all hull associated with that shape.

Cargo spaces work similarly, using their own begin/end to define where a ship’s cargo should be placed.

Do not place pawns directly; they will not be saved. Instead, use one of our spawner ‘buildings.’ If you need to use an arbitrary PawnKindDef, use the generic spawner and set the name using its gizmo.

Other than that, any building (vanilla or modded) should be saved, so long as it is either defined as a ship part itself, or placed atop a hull tile. Of course, the user will need to have any mods you use in the ship’s construction, so don’t forget to add them as dependencies to your mod.

Be aware that your ship always needs a bridge or AI core to serve as its central component. You can change your ship’s name at this bridge, which will affect the name it is exported under.

When your ship is finished, save the game in a separate slot, then use the Export Ship tool and click anywhere. The XML file will be saved to an ‘Exported Ships’ folder next to your RimWorld save folder (on Windows, Users/<your name>/AppData/LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld by Ludeon Studios/).

You’ll need to make a few manual edits before it’s fully ready for use. Set a user-friendly display name for your ship, its estimated combat value (for reference: a small turret is generally worth 10 points, a large 30, and a spinal 50 – but you can set arbitrarily high or low combat values to make a surprisingly easy or difficult encounter), and the value of its randomly-generated cargo (for reference, an average caravan has around 2000 value).

One of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. It’s a game where YOU make the stories.

Your colonists become friends, and you feel like you know them. Every victory, no matter how small (surviving winter, finding steel, taming an animal or fending off a raid ) all feel very important. Every defeat is crushing – I’ve had pets with shattered spines that I’ve had to kill, my entire colony and me depressed for the rest of the day. I’ve had husbands literally throw themself infront of grenades whilst their wives walk away.

Buy this game if you love the idea of a colony sim similar to drawf fortress but thats far easier to play, still just as indepth and one where the more you use your imagination – the more you will get out of this game.

As a side note, the community around this game is amazingly positive and supportive to all players, and thats so rare to see!

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