Antimatter Annihilation

MOD Desc
Adds many high tech items, weapons and materials to the game. Adds many items, weapons, defences, utility buildings, and a new powerful faction that all revolve around Antimatter technology.

Github link (and non-steam download)[]

Inspired by GlitterTech and other late-game high tech-mods, this adds new endgame goals and items.


  • Can I add it to an existing save?
  • Yes, but you will need to install the Faction Discovery mod to have the new faction added. Remeber to make a backup of your save first!
  • Can I remove it from a save?
  • Generally no, unless you delete all items and remove all faction bases. Make a backup before attempting.
  • Does it support Combat Extended?
  • No. Help wanted.
  • Is it multiplayer compatible?
  • No. Help wanted.

This is a mod that is intended to expand the end-game, adding new goals that are challenging but rewarding, and also to increase the difficulty of late game by sending harder raiders.

This mod also features a fully developed in-game wiki that serves as a guide and also a little extra lore and pretty pictures.

You will need loads of resources, highly skilled colonists and lots of research to unlock the secrets of antimatter. However, once you do, you can challenge even the power of the Ultratech faction, who will attack you to take back the technology that they consider theirs.

Should be loaded far down as possible, and always after Harmony, In-Game wiki and Core.

This is a WIP mod. There may be bugs and things may break. Please report bugs on the steam page or on Github, providing as much detail as possible, thanks.
See the store page for all plans, and don’t hesitate to suggest new features or changes.



  • English: Full support (game and wiki)
  • Simplified Chinese: Partial support (full game, no wiki) by Arkngs-Lappland.
  • Traditional Chinese: Partial support (full game, no wiki) by Poe.

Highly recommended mod: Removes texture compression, makes all the textures in this mod look much nicer.

So I took out KV Path Avoid mod and the performance ticking is gone now, not sure if its related or not. But my point is I had 300TPS before this recent antimatter update and now suddenly (when I had KV Path avoid on mod list) I have the spikes. You should give dubs performance analyzer a try by the way, it’s useful to find what might be causing some performance drops ๐Ÿ™‚ I will try loading the game with KV Path Avoid enabled again to see if the issue comes back. If it does I’ll send you the save (what would be the best way for you to send it?) Another note, is the github release the version that came out before? On steam the previous update was 10 days ago and on github it is 13, I would love to test the previous version to see if there is any correlation by comparing both on performance

It would be really great to have the hypercomponents craftable, even if they’re made to be VERY expensive (bunch of gold, plasteel, and 1 or more advanced components each).I’m just beginning to use the mod, so I haven’t gotten very far. But I suspect that they are required for every production bench and for a number of the most powerful items. And I really DON’T feel like hoping and praying for an ultratech faction raid, and hoping I get lucky and salvage a few at a time, every now and them.And I really don’t want to force raids from the console, or just spawn them in and delete an appropriate, house-ruled amount of gold / plasteel / components /etc as ‘payment’. I don’t want to house rule and console spawn stuff in, only to console delete resources as ‘payment’. I want a system for obtaining hypercomponents in the mod, something better than just ‘hope you get an ultratech raid, hope they drop them, try not to die’.

So i was able to reproduce it.It happened when i directly targeted a infested ship part. But not if i targeted the ground next to it. The shield was not on at the time and i tested with and without the embrasures, no change.I dev’d in a mech cluster and directed targeted both sleeping mechs and walls without it happening, same with a small turret, but when i targeted a mech assembler building it did happen.The explosion is happening on the gun itself with no damage to the target or area around it, but the damage done is a bit weird. I managed to pause as it happened, the explosion seems to start at the ass end of the turret. The gun goes from 1400hp to 795. I use the infinite turrets mod, which does not work with this mods turrets, but i disabled it anyway to test and no change.

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