Misc. Weapon Repair

MOD Desc
Are your best weapons always in an awful condition, with no way to repair them?
Do you have multiple less quality weapons of the same kind just laying around, doing nothing for you?
Rejoice, now you can use spare parts from your low quality weapons of the same kind to repair your legendaries!
— Needed machining table and skills not included —

(Version: 1.2.0)
Language: English, German, Chinese

Thanks to duduluu and Biscuit now with a translation for Chinese (both)

The latein american translation by CANALETA can be found here.

– You need a machining table
– Make sure you have two weapons of the same kind in storage
– Select the colonist to work on it
–> Right-click the weapon you want to repair
–> Select the weapon to dismantle for parts
–> The colonist will start his work..

First off, nice mod!I was looking for something like this – and the only other thing I found was using ‘fuel’ to repair items, which seemed vastly illogical…As for melee weapons, I agree with what’s posted below, that’s pretty well explained why you can’t repair a knife with parts of another knife. Something like a grindstone would work for blade weapons probably, not evem requiring resources, but I can’t think fo something for blunt weapons either.Anyway, guns are more important since you can build new knives quite fast if you have the resources, but especially early game being able to repair guns is a big plus.

Actually, it kind of does if the reader infers such.A firearm has many moving parts that wear rather quickly during use, especially if it’s capable of automatic fire or rapid semi-autofire. Some of these may be interchangeable with other weapons.By contrast, most knives and other bladed weapons have rather few parts — non-moving parts — that really don’t matter when they’re translated into the game, and the only part of a knife that really wears quickly is the edge of the blade. Unless the blade gets snapped, making the knife more or less useless, it rarely needs more repair than a good sharpening. (I’m not counting switchblades because I’ve never seen one in Rimworld.)

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