Noku Mushrooms

MOD Desc
please don’t ask me to add/change things, I have stopped modding and am simply keeping the mod updated and trying to help people with bugs

[[h1]An alien mushroom that can be used as meat-substitute.[/h1]

Noku will only appear under the ‘meat’ category.
It sometimes appears growing wild in caves and you need a growing skill of min 8 to sow it.
It can be eaten raw. Noku, like mushrooms can only be grown/planted under a roof with no light.

Seeds Please! patch by Ninja Kitten
Russian Translation by NinjaKitten

Ludeon Forum Link[]

it should, but you can just unsub and sub to force it. I added an abstract parent base that I had left out, it can potentially cause problems when they don’t properly inherit from core, which can happen. Since this was my first mod ever I had forgotten it. Now I don’t know if that was whats causing the problem in your case but if we’re lucky it is.

This mod has been updated to 1.0The Beta 19 (B19) versions of all my mods can be found here: if you are continuing an old save and not updating to the new game version (1.0) please install your mods manually.

What im looking for is growing mushrooms in caves with the terrain reclamation feature from Fertile Soil. So it takes a bit of effort to make top soil. Caveworld Flora has mushrooms but they can only be farmed in special fungipionics beds. In real life mushrooms can grow in darkness but they do grow bigger if there is some light. To reflect this you could lower their growing speed when in darkness, or lower their yield.

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