Single Plant Texture Patch

MOD Desc
A small patch that changes the textures of rice and haygrass to single plants. This gives a cleaner look and a small performance increase (probably really small, but may be noticeable with large fields on an old laptop).

See the preview image for an example.

Can be added and removed from existing saves without problems.

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I HIGHLY recommend you play on permadeath, as it will make the stories all the more meaningful when every action matters and can’t just be rewinded or a previous save loaded.

To summarize what it is like playing:

Game deals you a handful of cards.

‘What the hell? These cards are , they literally hate each other and one of them can’t even lift anything.’
The game stares you dead in the eyes, and says ‘Deal with it.’

And so you do, you overcome challenges and face problems that if given the choice you never would have ended up in the first place having known the game systems and how it works.

In a non-permadeath video game, when I miss-click and accidentally have my doctor amputate the wrong arm on someone, I would reload the save. Here I don’t have the option, I instead get to experience the story of what happens when things go wrong, and get to feel the joy of having won despite mistakes or suffer the real crushing feeling of failure when every action matters and there is no rewind. It’s a classic sense of ‘you made this bed, now you have to sleep in it.’.

Mind you sometimes the game deals you great cards, and when it does, it feels EVEN better because that hand could have been bad, but it wasn’t, and every hand counts.

I’ve played since Alpha 12, this game is superb.

If you don’t like micro management this isn’t for you, this game has such depth and a good UI that almost everything can be done.

Dwarf Fortress meets Firefly in this lovely game. This is more upbeat than Prison Architect which I found a bit heavy by nature of its setting. That doesn’t mean its easy, there will be Dwarf Fortress levels of ‘Fun’ involved.

The music is perfect, even the gap between tracks is perfect, the art style is endearing and easy on the eye. Being easy on the eye is important because you’ll be playing this a LOT!

The story teller difficult settings are wonderful, gaming industry as a whole please take note.

The modding scene is fantastic.

The game is very stable, even after mods! :O

This is an Alpha and its so incredibly polished!? why can’t all devs be like this?

The steam key for early alpha players came as a surprise.

Things this game could improve on? a couple of UI issues maybe, that I can’t remember off the top of my head they are so minor. Possibly adding vertical levels… but part of the joy of this game is its accessibility compared to Dwarf Fortress, z-levels might hinder that.


Just buy it already.

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