Tier 2 Temperature

MOD Desc
Adds a second tier of technology to help manage your colony’s temperature. Adds one research project required to access the advanced temperature control units (and one more project for the spacer tech.)

Add it to a current save, or with other mods. Won’t conflict.

Industrial Buildings Furnace
Power usage: 280
Reinstallable: Yes
Three times as powerful as a heater

Standing Air Conditioner
Power usage: 380
Reinstallable: Yes
Three times as powerful as a cooler

Air conditioner
Power usage: 300
Reinstallable: No, goes into wall
Three times as powerful as a cooler

Spacer Buildings Spacer Heater
Power usage: 1024
Reinstallable: No
Extremely powerful heating capabilities. Compatible with Save Our Ship 2.

Spacer Chiller
Power usage: 1024
Reinstallable: No
Extremely powerful cooling capabilities.

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Rimworld is, essentially, a game in the Dwarf Fortress management/builder genre. Compared to DF, however, it’s much more tightly focused and scoped and a lot more easy to control. It has a wide array of interesting encounters. It even manages to serve up some reasonably compelling combat, frequently a weakness in these games, via the expediency of having combat be directly controlled by the player instead of relying on mushy indirect AI orders.

Complaints? Relatively few and far between. It’s occasionally a bit unwieldy to manually have something moved somewhere, units don’t automatically override behavior/location based forbiddances when manually ordered to do something, and getting a unit to manually do multiple related tasks (say, build multiple segments of a wall you want prioritized) is awkward. Hunting AI is poor- units will stand at maximum range and plink all day at something instead of closing to a range where they have reasonable accuracy prior to firing. Medicine usage (none/herbal/good/exceptional) is per-character, which can force a lot of micro to ensure you don’t waste you entire stock of medicine treating low-risk injuries like bruises. Etc, etc.

On a meta level, I feel like the endgame could use a bit tweaking- I got to spaceship building before I’d even fully exploited the tech tree, and once I got there the notion of sitting around griding time and resources to build the spaceship was unappealing.

Still, my time with the game so far has been compelling and addictive.

If you like the genre, I’d highly recommend RimWorld. It is currently my favorite entry one of these kinds of games.

On my sixth attempt at maintainng a small society my beloved family pet went berserk just before bedtime and screwed over the colonies efforts to survive long enough to escape. I reloaded a previous save and a bandit attack crippled us, and just as the rebuilding process was looking promising.. *BOOM* a ing lightning storm decimated the colony, one survived and managed to sew the seeds. This time I chose not to go back to the save and try to fight on, things were looking good until the stress of burying his friends and being alone was to much for the ol’ guy and he just gave up. I’ve never played a game that made progressing so difficult in such a memorable and authentic way. I’ll never forget him, and his efforts, his death was a death I mourned internally more than many simulated characters I’ve been witness to an end.

80% of games nowadays winning or losing is determined by exploiting a weakness or a loophole in the rules, or the AI just plain cheats because game makers are to lazy to think of tangable and rational ways of making the game actually ‘hard’ they stick to the old arcade addage of forcing the player to add another coin without knowing it, RimWorld does not adhere to that model, they make losing fun.

Even when its random, even when its t, i don’t feel like im being cheated or ‘punished’ by a ‘bad decision algorithm’ ther’s a constant tension when playing Rimworld that does not exist in many other games.

Many games are predictable, and win/lose conditions are unoriginal or cheap and lazy, Rimworld is frustratingly hard without leaving me cursing bad mechanics or lazy AI. It’s just tough. And its simply a good game.

The colony was going swimmingly.

Then, the escaped Patient stumbled upon my colony with a pack of slavers right on his tail. He implored us for aid, in return, he will join our colony. To be perfectly honest, we were a lil short-handed in the cleaning department so we accepted. The slavers rebuked at our sneaky traps and ambushes and fled in terror. Not bad for a day’s work!
Christopher the Patient turned out to be a great addition to keeping the core of our operation clean and tidy. However, we realised there was a LOT wrong with him, but mostly he was incapable of complex tasks like cooking good meals, researching things, tailoring, fighting, hunting or sculpting.. mixed with a bag of sociapathic behaviour. Christopher was also an occasional pyromaniac that never quite put out the fires he started. Never the less we gave this stranger a chance.

A month later, the slavers came back with reinforcements. It was a tough fight, all my militiamen were somewhat wounded in the process. We fought them off in the end, but not before the slavers set all of my experimental crops on fire!
It was a major effort putting out the rampaging fires, as a result most of my colonists passed out with wounded exhaustion in the field. Christopher the Patient came running, and hauled all of us to the medical bay- We have never been so grateful!
It was in that moment, that we realised that our true enemies are not the ones we can fight physically. The true enemy is to ourselves, the defects and the darkness within…

Christopher hauled all of us into the medical bay… we watched him through pleading, exhausted eyes as he lit the match….

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