Hediff Apparel

MOD Desc
Load Order: Put this near the top, just under Core/Royal/Hugslib

Written by LoonyLadle and posted here for use by other modders.


Adds a ThingComp usable in apparel defs to inflict hediffs on the wearer, without any C# required.

Example xml:

<HediffDef><hediffClass>HediffWithComps</hediffClass><label>bulky</label><defName>Bulky_Apparel</defName><description>This apparel is very bulky.</description><stages><li><statOffsets><ShootingAccuracyPawn>-20</ShootingAccuracyPawn><RangedWeapon_Cooldown>-20</RangedWeapon_Cooldown><MeleeHitChance>-20</MeleeHitChance><MeleeWeapon_CooldownMultiplier>-20</MeleeWeapon_CooldownMultiplier></statOffsets></li></stages></HediffDef>
<Defs><def> …<comps><li ><hediffDef>Bulky_Apparel</hediffDef><partsToAffect><li>Torso</li></partsToAffect></li></comps> </def>

Day 1: Started off with a shooter named Bret, a depressed builder named Zebo, and Zebo’s fiancee, Levine. Zebo also has a cat named Purple. All of our houses were built and everyone got along so well.

Day 2: Bret has been rejected multiple times by Levine, although he knows that she and Zebo are engaged. Strangely, Bret and Zebo still remain pretty much best friends. Levine gets the idea of calling ourselves ‘The Romans’ and designate our colony as ‘New Rome’, hoping to be the strongest faction in the world someday.

Day 3: For whatever reason, Zebo broke up with Levine. She became depressed. A woman named Ophelia decided to join us. She’s a strong melee fighter, giving us even more hope for world conquest.

Day 4: Zebo’s sister Whitetaker (from an enemy faction) tries to attack us. Before she even comes close, Bret shoots and kills her. Zebo becomes even more depressed now that his sister is dead.

Day 5: We start to realize that we’re running out of food, and switch from growing potatoes to faster growing rice. A heat wave also rolls in, and everyone starts to get cranky.

Day 6: Zebo becomes the first to start starving. In desperation, he and Bret desperately harvest all of our rice right after a blight hit. By sundown, Zebo begins to wander psychotically in his house.

Day 7: Everyone’s starving now. Bret has come down with severe heatstroke, and the others join soon after.

Day 8: Bret gets so desperate for food that he starts shooting and killing every animal he can find and eating their corpses raw. Levine joins him, and she’s the first to go insane. She attacks Zebo and they get into a knife fight. Bret is forced to shoot and subdue both of them, and he puts them in their beds. Bret is forced to go to bed too, because of his extreme heat stroke. Ophelia is the only one not incapacitated, and she tries her hardest to take care of Bret. By nightfall, she passes out in front of Bret’s house from heat stroke and starvation. Soon after, Levine dies from blood loss.

Day 9: By morning, Zebo also dies from blood loss, making his cat go insane. Ophelia wakes up and also goes insane, killing and eating Zebo’s cat. Bret is finally able to get out of bed, and is forced to shoot and kill Ophelia when she tries to attack him. By nightfall, Bret goes insane and wanders to Whitetaker’s decaying corpse and eats it. He goes back to bed.

On morning of Day 10, Bret dies of blood loss.

10/10 This game is amazing.

My Experience with Rimworld
Before I break it down into my personal Pros and Cons, I’d like to preface it by sharing a little bit of my experience with this game.

I have been playing Rimworld since Alpha 3. I try to describe this game to my friends and coworkers and I’ve never felt like I could properly explain the satisfying feeling you get from setting up a successful settlement.

I first heard about it from a good friend and fellow game enthusiast while I was home on leave before celebrating my honeymoon with my wife. I decided to check it out while we were in the cabin relaxing and I remember feeling myself become enveloped in the game’s depth and imaginative qualities. I hadn’t felt so lost in a game since I picked up WoW in 2004. Needless to say, I continued playing.

I played this game for hours and hours while overseas on a little Acer netbook. I’ve never played a game with so much depth that can also run on a brick from 2009. It introduced me to one of the friendliest modding communities and even enticed me to learn XML just to try and give something back to that same community.

*Replay Value – You will play world after world, colony after colony and it won’t even feel like you’ve lost when you restart.

*Friendly Support Team – I’ve had no issues dealing with Ludeon’s people and I’m now a huge fan of Tynan.

*Modding Community – Incredibly dedicated group of people who only want to share a positive gaming experience with you.

*Customization – Everything can be changed whether it be with a gameplay mechanic or simple mod, it can be what you want it to be.

*Learning Curve – It will take a few hours and scenarios to really get a feel of this game. The smallest change in the updates can effect so much as well, which is somewhat of a Pro in it own right.

*It’s an Alpha – Sometimes you can’t get around the fact that it is an Alpha, albeit the most playable Alpha I’ve ever enjoyed; it can, at times feel a little unpolished.

*It’s not for everybody – It really isn’t. Like I said earlier, describing this game and showing to to my friends/coworkers doesn’t really work. You may not know that you’re going to enjoy it unless you really knew what you were looking at beforehand.

I’ll be editing this review as time goes on to update for current Alphas and to correct my formatting.
Thank you for reading my review on one of my favorite games.

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