Rimsenal – Storyteller pack

MOD Desc
This submod adds three new storytellers, the Accipiter Hysteric, the Sereniz Sadistic, and the Hildegarde Epic.

‘Guys, party time is over. It’s time to face the real story.’
Accipiter, a press agent of Yunhwa Precision has a strange sense of storytelling. In the early stage, Accipiter will take care of your colonists until you have a thriving colony. And then? She will destroy you, ruthlessly. Move fast, gird yourself for trials.

‘Tragedies have their own charm. Please enjoy listening to a story.’
The rogue Federation Peacekeeper Corps commander Sereniz has a mountain of painful stories due to her former jobs nature. In her stories, characters usually face their doom after writhing in the agony of endless pain. She loves these kinds of stories. She will generate lots of small, annoying incidents but fewer raids.
The full version of her art: http://rooki1.deviantart.com/art/Sereniz-rogue-FPC-commaner-537989642?ga_submit_new=10%253A1433645528

‘There is only one way to prove someone’s real value. That is the tempering in trials, on the anvil of war.’
A Veteran of the grim Mechanoid war and a skald of Jotunheim assault infantry corps, Hildegarde’s songs are full of flame and war. Just like Jotunheim Prime’s people themselves. She will send more ‘big threats’ while causing fewer incidents.

I installed this for Hildegarde, and am uninstalling it… To be honest the big threats don’t feel that different, but my issue is she has NO COLONISTS show up. I’m already late into it, I have maybe 10 or 11 colonists, but… Now it’s mechanoids, bugs, and ships. When raiders show up they all just die or run away so I’m not getting prisoners either… Maybe this isn’t the storyteller’s fault, but I figured someone who was all about ‘battle glory’ would expect colonists to COME and go pretty often, but I literally can’t expand enough to enjoy bigger battles if the AI refuses to let me and gives me as few chances for prisoners as possible.The other storytellers I haven’t tried I admit, Accipiter just seems redundant and I don’t see the appeal of the other one. I could just manually turn off raids and stuff, that would be better than saying ‘pelt me with the most boring and inconvenient events possible’.

Yeah, First you need to find the Save folder with the mod than go to Defs -> Storytellers -> Storytellers.xml change nummers to your numbers. The Folder should be at: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent than you need to look for the right folder, you need to open the folders until you find anything like About Defs Languages. It’s very hard to find it, if you have downloaded a lot of mods it needs some time. (Half an hour …) Some Information: (Because I’m bad in explaining XDSo in the Content folders are some files with numbers and you need to look in every file.The files in content are games, in these game files are the Mod Files.

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