MOD Desc
Allows you to build a vault. Walls and doors. Embrasures now too! Thanks to TeflonJim for making the embrasure images and configuration.

Essentially this mod adds walls, embrasures, and doors that are nearly indestructible. Think bank vault. No amount of shooting a gun at a bank vault is likely to break a section of it down, and this provides for that.

The walls, embrasures, and doors are nigh on unbreakable. If you’re really heavy with resources (materials and labor), this mod will allow you to build a base that no sapper is going to get through any time soon. The walls, embrasures, and doors cannot be bashed through with blunt objects, and they are very resilient to all other types of attacks. The walls, embrasures, and doors are not flammable.

All that said, the ‘Indestructible’ label is a bit of a misnomer, as the walls, embrasures, and doors do have hitpoints (albeit very high hitpoints, and the damage amount from all types of attacks is reduced).

Mod order should not matter for this mod. You can add this to a game that is already in progress without issue. These items are industrial in tech, and do require stone or metal, and devilstrand.

i was talking about a problem on the rimworld discord and it turns out your mod overwrites a number of core game files and that is what is breaking the mod and game for everyone. apparently the parts it overwrites alter the entire game system and explain the lag and bugs. I was told from a14 on this was something no one should ever do and its why your mod has issues. apparently the fix is just to remove the offending lines of code and your mod should work fine for everyone after that

Waiting eagerly for Rimhammer to be updated, its the base of my main playthrough at the moment. Was gonna start a second with guns enabled today then I see the update messed it up xDYou the man though SickBoy. Cant wait for you to finally get to 1000000, will be a momentous day :DCould I make a request that the next Rimhammer faction to work on after you’ve finished up any current ones could be the Lizardmen? Would love to run an Old One led colony full of Saurens, Skinks and Kroxigors. Would give the pesky Beastmen a run for their money ๐Ÿ˜€

– You can pop over to Discord, and hit me up. I’ll send my email if that works best. I haven’t added most the mods to GitHub since I’m the only one working on them at the moment.- Thanks! The base Rimhammer mod has been updated for 1.1 and rereleased. I am going to work on the With Guns version now, so it should be good to go in the next day or so. The Lizards are on the list, but I’ve set a release order. It’ll be Empire, Skaven, then most likely Orcs/Goblins. You should get on the Discord if you want to know what’s happening on a more frequent basis. I post most days in the work in progress section with what I’m currently working on.

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