Wave Survival [Game Mode]

MOD Desc
Description Wave Survival Mode adds an entirely new and unique game mode to RimWorld.

This mode is designed to be more fast-paced and combat-focused than the standard game mode. It allows you to skip most of the tedious early-game resource grinding and slow buildup of vanilla RimWorld. Build your base quickly and then defend it from wave after wave of raiders until your colony inevitably collapses spectacularly.

Features Fast Buildup
– When you start the game you will have 5 1/2 days to build up your base before the first wave hits. Use this time to bunker-down and make sure you are in a location that you can defend from invaders.

Waves of Raiders
– Once the raids begin you will be raided every 48 in-game hours.
– Raids start out small and grow at a steady pace with each wave. The raid sizes are determined by the number of waves you have survived, instead of the wealth of your colony.
– A timer counts down the exact time until the next wave, so you always know exactly how long you have to prepare.
– Every 4th wave will be a special raid, which can be either sappers, siegers, wargs or an animal psychic wave.

Resource Drops and Reinforcements
– Resource drops happen every 12 in-game hours. These resource drops bring you random amounts of building materials, enough food to keep your colonists fed, and occasional medicine, weapons and silver.
– New colonists will join on occasion to help you out. The lower your population is, the more likely you are to get reinforcements.
– Traders happen very frequently.

No Non-Combat Incidents
– All non-raider incidents are disabled. No eclipses, solar flares, or psychic drones to disrupt your defenses right in time for a raid. When you lose it won’t be because the RNG had it in for you. You will die knowing you fought as hard as you could have.

No Interference With Standard Games
– Select the Wave Survival storyteller to play a Wave Survival game, or any other storyteller to play a standard game. Having this mod installed will not affect standard games in any way.

Notes – To play the game mode, make sure you select the Wave Survival storyteller.
– The included Wave Survival Mode Default Scenario gives you an extra starting colonist, as well as the technology for turrets and the Orbital Trade Beacon that is needed in order to receive the daily resource drops.

Special Thanks Special thanks to Philbro for contributing his amazing artistic talent to the mod. Check out more of his stuff on DeviantArt:

So, I just realized I’ve had this game for 4 weeks and as a result, have a ridiculous amount of playtime on record. I regret nothing.

I am absolutely, head over heels, 100% in love with this game. If you like city builders, if you like management and simulation, if you are anything like me and like games that you can play while you binge watch Parks and Recreation — this is the game for you.

The depth of this game surpasses first looks – its mechanics are similar to Prison Architect – people, moods, needs – coupled with the resources and supply lines (like Banished) that need to be overseen in order to complete tasks. At the same time, the breadth of the game creates the charm and engagement of Stardew Valley – skill trees and backstories of the tiny characters create another layer that you can dig into…. or not – one of my characters was paralyzed/braindead after to a gun fight and I tirelessly searched for a brain implant so he could return to work. It was amazing.

It can be an epic colony, extravagantly decorated with all desired amenities or it can be a derelict barrack built for war. The base game is still early access, but everything in the game is smooth and there is plenty to do.

If you enjoy additional control over the creation of your colony, or if you would liketo add in more options and asthetic possibilities – the mod community is very active and I have added 40+ playtime hours and counting with the ones I’ve downloaded.

I’m excited to see what the developer includes in the future – this is a wonderful game, and I would recommend it to everyone.

A fantastic sci-fi colony game driven by an intelligent storyteller, Rimworld continues to throw challenges at its players, sparking a continous stream of interest. Simple to learn but hard to master, Rimworld is a game that will have you upset, frustrated, joyful and angry, but will still keep you coming back for more.

There is no game on Steam quite like Rimworld. To start, Rimworld is probably the only game where you could control a cyborg pyromaniac, a blind chef and a psychopathic doctor all at the same time, which is possible with Rimworld. Every pawn feels extremely unique, which just adds to the emotional strain one gets when a pawn is dying or ill. Even some of my worst pawns, pawns which cause nothing but trouble still feel in some way sentimental.

But alas, Rimworld is not a fun game of farming, building and happy living. Summers may be fun, but winters come tough, with disease, famine, plague and war raging the worlds. When things didn’t look like they could get worse, they will, whether it be your dog going on a psychopathic rampage, the cleaner setting the kitchen on fire or the reclusive builder disturbing the peace of the dead. Rimworld will give you a lot of rage moments, as it stacks problems upon problems upon the player with little to no warning.

But the end result is rewarding. Especially when you get a thriving colony, destroy a raider camp or finally make that pawn of yours a god amongst men. Rimworld strikes a balance of being challenging and fun, and that is why this game is so beautiful. I recommend Rimworld for anybody who is up for a challenge.


Great colony management game. I got so invested and immersed that I actually ended up developing a canon, personalities and relationship dynamics for each of my colonists in my mind and it made the experience so much more fun than It already was.

The game itself can be very difficult to understand at first, but I believe the learning experience is actually really enjoyable, because there’s always something new you can discover and use to make your colony better. There’s lots of room for experimentation, especially in the mid to late game when your colony is self-sufficient.

Difficulty can vary since there’s a lot of options, but I played my first playthrough on the normal difficulty. The game can be pretty unforgiving in the beginning, and you may need to restart a few times, especially If you get unlucky, but once your colony becomes stable, there isn’t anything you can’t come back from.

There’s so much content, with an extensive research menu with dozens of new technology to improve your colony, with the schematics for a space ship being the final research, which you can use to board your colony and fly off the planet, thus ‘winning’ the game. Though this game is so fun, you may actually put off building the space ship for quite awhile simply because you don’t want it to end. Even after you win, there’s so much replay value between colonies and the way you can build them and interact with other colonies, It’s almost infinite.

Couple that with a very diverse and creative mod workshop, and you have yourself a game you can spend potentially hundreds If not thousands of hours on.

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