Auto Seller [B18]

MOD Desc
This mod adds the ability to Auto Sell items from the trade window using a set of editable rules. These rules can be created and edited via the overview window.

So, You’ve been hoarding a ton of weapons and apparel you’ve been hoping to sell, or you’re frequently harvesting and selling something, but you’re getting sick of adjusting sliders for all your hundreds of items. This is mod will make your life easier. After you setup your rules for selling on the overview tab, selling will be only one button press away.

you can create rules for damage equipment, sell only of a certain quality, or even items made from a certain material. Do you have a surplus of stock but don’t want to sell everything, you can do that aswell.

Additional Info
You’ll now need to build a Trade Reports Printer so you can create rules for you colony, and if you have more than one colony, you’ll need to build one there as well since each colony can have its own set of buy/sell rules.

when sending caravans to other places, be sure to take a Shopping List with you. A Shopping List is like a hand held set of rules that you can use when sending your caravan to trade with other faction bases.

You can get Shopping Lists from using the Trade Reports Printer, this will create a list with a copy of the Trade Printers stored rules (please note when using player caravans to trade, that the rules only apply to items your caravan and the other faction base are carrying).

If AI Selling is enabled it will, by default give a job to one of your wardens, you can however select a preferred negotiator if you have a colonist you use as a designated trader (that person still has to be a warden or he wont go to the comms console). Social is also gained during the job.

when Improved Stack behaviour is enabled, it will treat similar items of differently values as one stack, so that if you have a keep value of 5, you’ll only be left with 5 of that item type (rather than keeping 5 in each different valued stack). If you prefer the old behaviour, or if you think it’s causing problems with trading, it can be turned off.

Coloured Rule Comparison will apply a colour to each rule in the rule list to aid in creating exceptions or tracking down rules that have no impact. Red means the rule has no impact on trading and is overridden by another rule, these red rules should be removed or edited. Amber means the rule has partial impact on trading, and is partially overridden by another rule good for when trying to create exceptions. Green means the rule has full impact on trading, no other rule interferes with this rule (note that it will still be green if it overrides an earlier rule).

Livestock Rules Work differently to Item Rules, you cant specify a minimum amount to keep since each animal or person is unique, you can however specify exceptions so you don’t sell someone named bob for example. Exceptions are set on a per rule basis.

Buying Rules can be set buy creating a rule as normal, and setting the Reorder Point and Restock Levels. when your stock goes below the Reorder Point, you will buy stock up to the Restock Level. By setting Sell Point and Reorder Points, you can avoid getting too low levels of stock or storing too much of an item.

For Advanced rules, if a rule is set as an ‘Any’ thing, a button will become available for more in depth rule editing, including individual selling and buying levels for the rules category. Advanced rules also allow you to exclude an item from the Rule.

looking for B19?

  • That’s pretty awesome, thanks for the quick reply about it. I didn’t think I really needed something like this until the debuff got added, and I started getting all of that apparel that’s basically useless to me. I never minded tattered clothing debuffs, but having tattered deadman apparel on? My people are mortified by it. Glad to know you’ll be adding the option soon.I was getting so sick of it I was going to start burning my deadman apparel stockpiles instead of trying to sell it all. Kinda sucks when 30% of my apparel is worth $20 each and the rest is pennies, and you have to click through every one.Again, I appreciate your quick response, and thank you for your mods.
  • error messages are build using multiple parts, I’ve provided the algorithm it works with belowBaseWarning (Sender): messagemessageEx ActionactionEx LineElementif an error in IsThingRule occured, a message will be built with ‘WarningBase’, WMsgOlder’ and ‘WActDefaultingTo’ and actionEx is ‘Thing Rule’ and the line number in the import file we will use 30 as an exampleAutoSeller Parser Warning (IsThingRule): Older config version might have been loaded, Defaulting to Thing Rule – line 30information such as sender, messageEx and actionEx is additional information passed from the for the minified def, rimworld buildings and things are ThingDefs, if they can be packed into a crate, they have a MinifiedDef. a good example is a statue, which is usually minified into a crate after your artistan has finished sculpting.I hope I’ve cleared up afew things about the translations (although I think I’ve made it sound more complicated)
  • ‘Sell when above’ vs ‘Sell when above Level’: Why are the labels different in different sections, and why level instead of quantity?’Unit Value’ vs ‘Unit Value Maximum’: Again why the different labels and what does this do?While this mod is great, it could really benefit from some descriptive mouse-over tooltips to help explain it to the user.Not sure how much it matters to specify the order, but I like to group my buys at the top, my sell junk in the middle and my sell excess quantities at the bottom. But this seems a bit useless as the 3 tabs have seperate orders. Perhaps it would be better if there was a priority number similar to the work tab in which we could set each entry to a number and have the seller go through them in order. This could largely elimate the need to use the slow resort method that we have currently.
  • Order seems to also matter when you have far more to sell then the buyer has silver. As it current seems, It sells in order until the buyer runs out of money. Sadly the art seems to be the last thing it tries and is the most expensive so it rarely succeeds. At the very least it would be nice for it to buy first then start selling in decending order based on sale price to be able to maximize the number of big ticket sales and the efficiecy of geting all the sellers silver.Currently I am selling all my excess goods and leaving the seller with 1000 silver while my 1500 silver art is not selling. Though if it tried to sell the art first and then go to my excess goods, it would work out so much better.

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