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I view this mod as Depreciated and will no longer be updating it. I advise you to get my ED-Enhanced Options mod (marked as a Dependency) as it has an option that you can enable that does what this mod does.

Discussion, Non Steam Downloads and GitHub Repositories of this mod is available at: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37158

This mod used the Harmony Library. This of the Library is included in the download, you do not need to install it separately.

This mods modifies traps so that they will no longer be triggered by colonists.

Played it a bit, liked it.

More seriously, this game is good.

Vanilla, you’ll meet a good challenge between the RNG from the storytellers, your dreams and your own mistakes. You’ll play, and lose. Try again, and lose again, maybe even faster who knows ? But you’ll come back and give it another go. Before you notice it, it’s been 6 hours spent in a row on 3 or 4 colonies. You’ll lower the difficulty, or try another storyteller, maybe even check some youtube videos to learn and understand the basics (i would recommend Eviltrick’s channel and his stream, really good fella that will answer your questions if you have any, as well as the chat). Then you’ll try again, and maybe do a bit better. Maybe a lot better ! You’ll feel good about it ! Then you’ll get crushed by mechs or a pirate raid that drop right in the middle of your colony.
Before you know it, you’ve been playing this game for months. few hours over there, the whole day over here.
Maybe you’ll even manage to get the hang of all the trading part of the game, deal well with your Ancient Danger ?

And when you finally feel like the game is good but you could use a bit more challenge….
let me welcome you…
to the mods.
Gameplay overhaul ? New Factions ? QoL mods ?
You can have it all !
Big fan of Lovecraft ? Get the Call of Cthulhu mod pack ! with factions, items, craft, creatures, Lovecraft himself as a storyteller and more !
Believe me, if you liked the vanilla game, you’ll like the modded version. Get yourself a mod that allows you to create and manage your own mod list and you’ll be able to switch between them with a few clicks and enjoy multiple ways of seeing your colony burn in agony ! what ? survive and reach the end game ? yeah, that too. maybe.. probably..

RimWorld is one of the best simulation games I’ve ever played on internet. You can choose between three scenarios and three AIs which allows A LOT of replay value. The AI is always throwing at you different events (positive and negative) which keeps you on your toes. It’s one of those ‘Let Me Play Another 5 Minutes’.

It’s one of the deepest games I’ve ever played in terms of simulation (take for example the electricity wiring). There is a lot of things to build, to craft and to do. Most of the times you don’t have enough survivors to complete your To Do list, which is the whole point of this game: micro-management.

I still think there is a lot more that can be added to Rimworld, but the dev made a super good (see those two adjectives? It means it’s that great) job of this game. Although it’s written EA, it’s already a fully playable game which I strongly suggest for gamers who like games such as Prison Architect and simulation / micro-management genres.

There are a few Cons though. Even though you have a Learning Helper that shows you how to use your controls (you cannot tell your survivors what to do, they decide based on the priorities you’ve given them), it’s quite difficult to assimilate everything in one go. Expect to be doing a lot of errors in the beginning (which is part of learning to play a game) and to go through several trials and errors. Guides found on Reddit / Steam and any other place will turn out to be quite helpful. Rimworld even has it’s own proper wiki. When everything will have settled down, the real fun will begin!

ALSO: It’d be awesome to add Steam Achievements, there are a lot of ways this could be implemented. I forgot to add that the Steam Workshop is worth a look. The modders in this community are insanely creative 🙂

Imagine that the Sims got stranded on an inhospitable rock that they’ll have to scrape by a living from. Using your direction they’re able to get shelter, food, and defense against those who would like your people’s stuff for themselves. Eventually, through the natural progression your people have made they will grow and eventually leave the rock on a spaceship bound for a new, safer home.

In the meantime though you’ll probably watch as your storyteller actively screws you in the most fantastic ways; throwing at you things like fires, packs of giant beavers who will eat all of your trees, cargo pods full of milk, and insect infestations, sometimes all at the same time. Your first few colonies will definitely die in the process of learning how to start out and survive, and there will definitely be times where you’re faced with lose-lose options, but ultimately that’s the name of the game here. There will also be several points where you may very well go off the deep end and lose your moral compass, such as ‘accidentally’ killing off a useless colonist which was more of a liability, or running complex organ harvesting operations (Sometimes even augmented by mods you downloaded just for the occasion), or going so far as to turning dead human bodies into leather in which to make wonderful hats for your society to wear. Did I mention those terrible deeds you can pull are some of the more mild things you’re allowed to do?

This game is a game of endless possibility, you can experience heartbreak, joy, and frustration several times in just one hour while playing this, and it’s probably one of my favorite games I’ve purchased.

Also this game is one of those games where if you ask for something, there is definitely a mod on the workshop for that so have fun bois!

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