Hunting Restriction

MOD Desc
Hunters will consider the current conditions before and during hunting.

Things which affect the decision to hunt:

Toxic fallout
Distance to target
Target’s size (big or small game)
Their own needs (food and rest)
Their own movement efficiency
Their own eyesight
Outdoor temperature
Current stocks of edible nutrition

If some of these in combination would make hunting more dangerous or much less efficient or negatively affect their mood, the hunter will skip that target or the job entirely. The reason why will be listed on the right-click menu.

In particular, if stocks of food are low, hunters will ignore their needs in favour of increasing the food stock level.

Also, hunters with sight worse than 55% will not do any hunting until their sight is restored.

Things which affect the distance they will try to maintain when shooting:

By default, the distance is set to 3/4 of maximum weapon range.
If the target is not currently downed and would explode on death, the hunter will potentially add an extra four tiles of safety range to account for the target moving towards the hunter.
Weather (fog in particular) reduces the distance.
The Trigger Happy trait reduces the distance greatly.
If the target is asleep, the hunter will move to the same close range they would if an animal is downed.

[Version 1.1.3]

Note: Please ask me before re-uploading this mod.

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I had a Toxic Fallout event trigger and normally when that happens I take advantage of the fact that it’s going to down all the wildlife on the map to pull in a huge haul of meat. I waited till the animals started getting Downed by the exposure and then flagged them all for hunting and put all my pawns on hunting duty 1. This mod (at least I’m pretty sure it was this mod) wouldn’t even allow me to use the right click menu to Prioritize a hunting target for more than half my pawns.I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but regardless of what the mod thinks when I tell a pawn to Prioritize work they should do it. I ended up changing the Work settings so that all my pawns only had Hunting checked and 5 of my 7 colonists sat around idle instead of doing any hunting, and I’m pretty sure this mod is to blame for it. Annoyingly I’m playing on Permadeath mode so I don’t have a save to share or to experiment with to confirm what the issue really was

I’m aware of the dangers, but you don’t get any of the permanent conditions until you get to Serious levels of exposure. As soon as the fallout starts I restrict all my colonists to Home and make sure I’ve got ceilings over all the walkways and typical traffic areas while I wait for the wildlife to get Downed by the exposure. Once they start falling I unrestrict my colonists (they usually don’t have any exposure) and put them all on hunting duty so we can quickly round up all the wildlife. I’ve never had anyone get past the Moderate exposure stage while doing this and once the map’s empty I restrict them all to home again and start butchering the haul while my colonists remain under roofed areas and the exposure goes away.This time I had to do it all with only 2 colonists and only 1 of them reached Serious exposure, he ended up getting cancer in his foot which my doctor excised for him. 🙂

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