[1.0] Planetary Drill+

MOD Desc
Adds a new improved Planetary Drill. I created this extension-mod because of multiple requests. This drill is quite OP so I created a separate mod that you can use as an extension if you want more OP-ness. If you prefer a less powerful drill, just use my other mod Endgame Buildings.

Technical Info

  • Must be researched.
  • Mod is XML only and overwrites nothing. This is an extremely compatible mod.
  • Can safely be added to an existing game.
  • Before removing this mod from an existing game, please make sure that you destroyed all structures from this mod first, stop any research in progress from this mod and that you are not ordering the creation of new structures from this mod. Also make sure that you destroyed any minified structures from this mod.
  • Requires my other mod Endgame Buildings loaded BEFORE this mod.

New Structure

  • ‘Planetary Drills +’ for mining unlimited steel, plasteel, uranium, jade & gold. Does NOT create infestations. Must be researched but unlike the regular planetary drill, this one uses the colonist- & robot MiningSpeed stat and is a tiny bit more expensive to build.

Mods that go well with this mod:

Rimworld has currently replaced Prison Architect and FTL as my go-to harcore survival/magament game.

The game is one of the most detailed and in-depth that I’ve ever seen and the emphasis on storytelling really seals the deal for me. Mod support is making sure this game well go one for years and years.

The gameplay is slow and I only reccomend it if you’re like me and play your Civilization games on EPIC timescales and love month-long save games building up.

Only major issue is that due to the Alpha nature, regular releases (with tons of new features, some of the latest ones have been transofmrative to how the game functions) mods are often broken, but it is Alpha.

A definite buy, don’t bother waiting for a full release, it’s amazing as is.

The only ‘Early Access Survival Sandbox Base Building’ game (ever), that actually delivered.
I’m following the game since 2014 (Alpha 3), it got better with each update, and now, 4 years later… The version 1.0. The full game with all the content.

It was a long way, but thanks to outstanding developer team and modding community, the game is HUGE.

It has everything you could ever want (without even knowing it) from a game. The price is nothing compared to what you get in return. The stories, the memories, the fun…
the… human leather clothing?

And did I mention the music? No? Well, the music is god-tier.

Are you thinking about the buying the game?
Because you should, AND you should buy it.

Ate without table.

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