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Description This version of ammunition is wholly new, forget the old one from 1.0 as this is the new way I’ll do things!
Basically, I have reworked the whole concept and introduce only 4 ammo types and their magazines.

Now to fire a weapon, a pawn must equip a magazine.

  • Primitive,
  • Industrial,
  • Charge
  • Bombs

This version of ammunition is made with compatibility and scalability in mind. I made an effort to make it easy to patch in any ammo and magazines you want by simply using my def structure.
The bomb ammo and magazines for the bombs are the best way to start. Look at it and it’ll be crystal clear how to add your own ammo and magazines without any c#.

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Special Thanks to

  • Pardeike: Cause of his work on Harmony!
  • Abraxas: For suggesting of the load order!
  • Meltup: For German translation!
  • Igel.Tv: For German translation!

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Updates 2020-03-20
– Equipping multiple different packs firing issue fixed.
– Renamed bomb to explosive.
– Right clicking pawn floatmenu to check equipped weapon’s, if applicable needed ammo.
– Ammunition is dropped out of packs when unequipped.

License You may use this code as however you want.
However, do let me know and give credits due if you do as I’d love to hear about what you’ve created with it!
Any art and or sounds however are not wholly under my jurisdiction hence follow other rules.

  • Well, hopefully it does. Like I said, I’ll be checking back later to see where this whole thing goes since you seem to have made a fairly robust framework for this. But at the moment, we’re not even at feature parity with the old system yet, and it’s making it difficult to use. I do hope that reintroducing the missing Options-configuration is planned at some point, because in the brief experience I had, I’m already feeling their absence.Having weapons firing the wrong ammo and not being able to correct that without making def edits kills my ability to use the mod properly, full stop. I know that I’m a minority in this case: but I’m running just shy of 300 mods and it takes a solid 15-20 minutes for Rimworld to even make it to the main menu. Having to wait that long every time I encounter a gun that’s using the wrong ammo – which happens pretty frequently – would mean spending more time troubleshooting a mod than actually playing.
  • recipe definitions are thing categories not stuff categories, and it is possible to have a recipe that has two separate filters using different thing categories. This where allow mixing of ingredients is set to true, which it is. (You can even place more than one thing category in a categories filter).The complication here is that a wood log uses the ‘resources raw’ thing category which also includes lots of other material definitions. So it isn’t so sensible to apply that thing category for use as it would include lots of other items which I think LTS wouldn’t consider as relevant for use, wood then being applied as a thingDef then limits the use in its ingredient filter to that item.Had the primitive ammo been an item that included stuff categories then as a listing it would have been readily able to apply alternative stuffs as applied to the thingDef.
  • Thanks for this nice mod, it prove really fun up to now! I have a point since 1.1 version though: In your new version, you can only use stone to make arrows, which is pretty bad when you didnt research stone working yet. Starting as a tribe is heavy now: you need the textiles for the quivers AND stones for arrows, I find the amounts you need for all that are hard to obtain. Especially because you need all the textiles for a lot of different things. I didnt survive my first runs simply because I got bad melee combat stats on my people. I suggest changing the usable materials for arrows to stone, wood and metals like it is in reality. Maybe it is possible to let the people carry some arrows without quiver? Or even better: making it configurable in the mods settings if you want to use quivers/magazines and how? Personally I miss the configurations from the 1.0 version.
  • As much as I appreciate the though that’s gone into building a framework here, I have some concerns about the 1.1 version’s implementation:- Having a wearable that’s mandatory for you to have a gun and takes up a slot collides with mods like dninemfive’s ranged shield belts, and any mod that adds a belt you might also want with a gun (med bag, tool belt, etc.)- Needing a wearable to hold ammo for a weapon type means you can’t use a sidearm with a different ammo, or rapidly change weapons by grabbing one from somewhere (shelf etc.). No grenade launcher/pistol for example.- The largest pack sizes take all the cool work you’ve done and turn it into busywork. 300 shots is never going to be exhausted before a fight is over or the wearer is dead/down, the only real difficulty is making sure one pawn isn’t left without if you have 900 rounds and 4 pawns.I’m sure none of this is insurmountable, but 1.0’s loose ammo did seem like a better approach to me.
  • My apologies for the confusion. I meant Ammunition is compatible with mod’s that add additional ranged weapons like Glitter Tech, [1.0] Trading Economy Mod 3.1, [CP] Rimmu-Nation – Weapons (1.0) and [SY4] Vanilla-Friendly Weapon Pack (1.0), etc.I didn’t even try loading CE:FT and Ammunition together as CE:FT has so much patching bloat and the ammo aspect was the primary driver for even having it in the first place. I can’t imagine they’d play nicely together with both using different HarmonyInstance’s in their dll’s in all.Have you tried loading both Happy? I see you’ve flagged this for review on LimeTreeSnake’s github. I’d be lying if i wasn’t curious how they interacted. I know i could easily try myself but I am bye Falicia with CE:FT.Some of the poorly written xpathing in CE:FT severely bog Rimworld’s lauch so I suspect people will begin to migrate to Ammunition with our without continued enhancements.
  • Not sure if my previous comment makes terribly much sense, so to clarify…’Which weapons need Primitive ammo?’-selection field of available ranged weapons, checkmarks indicating which selections will require Primitive ammo to operate-‘Which weapons need Industrial ammo?’-selection field, same as prior-This would allow me to have control over which weapons I want using which ammo – if a fire damage weapon makes more sense to be using a battery charge instead of chemical ammo, this would give me the ability to set that. If I want to feed a charge rifle a pile of arrows because I feel like being cheap, this would enable me to set that, and vice versa if I want a bow to fire only if nitrogen ammo is available – though I assume that this would not change the type of damage done by the weapon, just whether or not the weapon can fire as designed, I still think this would be helpful to a number of people.

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